Creating and Giving Business Presentations 

This course teaches you how to prepare strong business presentations.  Learn how to find your story, appeal to logic and emotion, gain credibility, build a deck, and deliver a compelling presentation.

Skills you'll gain: Business Presentation
Course length: approximately 1.5 hours

Creating and Giving Business Presentations


Microsoft Teams Essential Training (2024) 

Discover the core features of Microsoft Teams and see how you can bring together colleagues, create conversations and content, and collaborate more effectively.  As well as, how to create scheduled meetings or initiate impromptu meetings inside Teams, and demonstrates file sharing. Learn how to customise user settings and how to use Teams on mobile devices.

Skills you'll gain: Microsoft Teams communications techniques, efficiency 
Course length: approximately 3 hours, 15 mins

Microsoft Teams Essential Training


SharePoint Online Essential Training: the Basics

Learn the essential skills you need to work with SharePoint Online, including log in, navigation, use of team and communication sites, editing and coauthoring documents, working with lists, integration with Microsoft 365, and document storage and sharing. 

Skills you'll gain: Microsoft SharePoint online
Course length: approximately 2 hours

SharePoint Online Essential Training: the Basics


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