Try the new Teams 

To prepare you for this change, from Thursday 15th February 2024, IT Services will enable a toggle on the app for all Trinity users of Microsoft Teams, that will allow you to try the new Teams, before it is enforced on all by Microsoft. This toggle will be available on the top left-hand side corner of your Teams app.  

If you click on the toggle, a ‘Get it now’ dialogue will open, which will download the new Teams client on your device. The older version of Teams (also referred to as Classic Teams) will then close and new Teams will open.  

Please note that from January 2024, new installations of Microsoft 365 already have the new Teams. 

What will happen to my content when switching to new Teams? 

Your content (like your chats, posts, files, channels, etc.) you have in Teams will not be affected by switching to new Teams. Everything you see and have access to in your current version of Teams will be there in new Teams as well.  

Keep your Teams app up to date 

To ensure your Teams will be upgraded to the new version, it is important to update your app on a regular basis. The app is updated every time it is rebooted so by shutting down your computer at the end of the workday or quitting and restarting Teams on a regular basis will ensure the app is kept up to date.

Issues with New Teams 

For the last few months, IT Services have tested the new Teams to ensure it is working as it should and that any issues are ironed out before the new client is rolled out to everyone in Trinity. If you encounter any issues when using the new Teams, clearing your cache may help. See below for more information. 

Clear the Teams Cache 

If you are experiencing issues that affect Microsoft Teams, clearing the cache on your device may help. Full information on how to clear the Teams cache for Windows and Mac computers is available on Microsoft’s support pages. After you have cleared the cache, restart Teams.  

Quit and restart Teams 

To restart Teams, you can either restart your computer fully or just restart the Teams app. To restart the app, you need to first quit it if you have it open, then reopen it:  

Windows: to quit your Teams app, go to your systems tray (the up-arrow at the bottom right corner of your screen) right-click on the Teams icon (which will show in the tray if the app is open) and choose Quit. 

Image of Windows systems tray with Quit Teams selected

Please note that by clicking the x button on the top right of your Teams screen will only close the window and not shut down the app – it will still remain open in the background.  

Once you have quit Teams, go to the search bar at the bottom left of your screen and type Teams to bring up the app in your search results, then click on the app. 

Search field in Windows

Before the app opens, you may be prompted with the screen “Did you mean to open the new Teams?”. Click on the button “Yes, go to new Teams”. 

Go to new team dialogue box

Mac: Right click on the Teams icon (either in your dock or under Applications) and select Quit, then open the application again from the same location. When opening Teams, you may be prompted with the same “Did you mean to open the new Teams” message as above for Windows.