Printing House Square welcomed its first students on the 1st November with all the IT elements, from the cabling infrastructure, wired and Wi-Fi network, to the phones and AV ready for new residents.

Like any major new building project, Printing House Square was years in the making and we ensured that the new network had been carefully planned, procured and was installed, powered up, brought online and tested throughout the building to be fully prepared for operation from day one.

The College Network in Printing House Square has:

  • 1,000 network points - all tested and verified
  • 100km of copper cabling for the data network infrastructure
  • 249 Wi-Fi access points
  • 21 Network Switches deployed across 5 new high-spec Communications Rooms

Each data point in the new building is recorded in a detailed architectural drawing and incorporated into building management tools, such as Planon. The copper cabling is designed to last for 25 years and it is likely will be in use beyond that time frame.

The Wi-Fi network in Printing House Square was specifically designed with 'Dormitory Access Points' which are engineered to ensure each and every student can connect their many personal devices such as laptops, mobiles, and tablets, and are able to live, work, and socialise with a reliable and fast internet connection. Each Wi-Fi access point was configured by hand and every room and floor was individually tested to ensure Wi-Fi coverage throughout the building.

IT Services worked closely with the Commercial Revenue Unit, Disability Service, College Health and Sports as they moved into the new building. We ensured they had printing, digital signs, bespoke workspaces, and computer desk setup so that they had as smooth a transition as possible as they settled into their new home.