What should I expect?

The McAfee Agent is an app on your computer which allows IT Services to manage the anti-virus and encryption software on Windows and macOS devices connected to the College network. From today, you'll notice that the traditional red McAfee shield icon will change to the Trellix logo in the Windows system tray.

How will this impact me?

This is a rebranding only. The change of logo will not have an impact on how it protects your computer or data. The agent's core functionality will remain the same.

You will not need to do anything to implement the update, but it's good to be aware that it is occurring. There is no cause for concern if the red shield icon is missing from your Windows system tray.

In the coming months, we expect other McAfee software such as Endpoint Security will be renamed to use the Trellix name and we will update the IT Services website to reflect this rebranding as it occurs.