The New Generation of Entrepreneurship: Accelerators, New Business Models, and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Date: 30 May - 30 May 2024
Time: 09:00 - 20:00
Venue: Trinity Business School


Join us for an engaging and informative workshops co-organized by Pablo de Olavide's Research Center InnLab, in collaboration with the international agreement ECREABIEN, the R+D+i project PID2020-114751RB-I00, and Trinity School Dublin's Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

We are pleased to share that our workshops have received a grant from the Society for the Advancement of Management Studies. This esteemed charity was founded in 1963 by Professor Grigor McClelland, dedicated to providing a governance structure for the Journal of Management Studies.

From the foundation of the first accelerator in 2005, Y Combinator, the phenomenon has exponentially grown, thanks to the actions of policy makers, investors, corporations, universities, research institutes and so on, trying to support and accelerate the creation of successful companies (Pauwels et al., 2016). Accelerators emerged as a new generation of business incubator model, boosted by the advances in technology and the rise of the digital economy experienced in the last decade (Del Sarto et al., 2020).

The effectiveness or impact of acceleration programs on the innovation and trajectory of startups is one of the topics that has aroused the most interest in the literature (Cohen et al., 2019; Hallen et al., 2020). Research on the phenomenon is still emergent and findings about their impact on startups are not consistent (Cohen et al., 2019), with studies reporting a positive impact of acceleration on startups, while others found neutral, and even negative, impact (Canovas-Saiz et al., 2021).

In this sense, one of the pending questions is to determine how accelerators exercise their intermediation role (Goswami et al., 2018), that is, to specify the mechanisms that influence the startups outcomes (Crișan et al., 2021). The specific mechanisms used by accelerators in comparison with other entrepreneurship support programs (incubators, business angels, etc.) can be analyzed, or how they are replaced when not going through an acceleration program.

Research on accelerators could also consider an open innovation approach (Chesbrough, 2006) as the accelerator appears as a new external source of knowledge (Spender et al., 2017) in combination with other actors in the ecosystem. The context of an accelerator allows founding teams to have access to a great diversity of business knowledge and relevant experiences, which come from mentors, trainers, consultants, experts, investors, other entrepreneurs and from networking events. This circumstance means that the participation of a startup in an acceleration program can provide it with an advantage in terms of innovation and success.

Further work is required to analyse how the support of the different programs of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial ecosystems in general may influence the new venture growth. Literature has evidenced that new ventures require different policies and initiatives that support startups as the motor of the economy (Gimenez-Fernandez et al., 2020), but a better linkage between academics, governments, industry and society is needed.

Academics of any stage of their career are welcome to share their research and engage in rich discussions with other scholars on the proposed topics, advancing our understanding of the role of accelerators in entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Please submit your proposal to Carmen Cabello (  

Deadline for 500 words abstract submission: March 10th.

Special issue information:

We are very pleased to announce that papers submitted to the workshop may be considered for publication in the special issue titled 'The role of accelerators on start-ups innovation and success' of the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management (JETM). Participation in the workshop does not guarantee acceptance of the paper in the Special Issue and attendance is not a prerequisite for publication.

Acceptance notice: March 15th

We look forward to welcoming you to this enriching event!

Ana, Antonio, Carmen, Elena, María & Vesna




Registration Fee One Day: 50 EUROS

Registration Fee for both Workshops*: 100 EUROS

*During the day of May 31st, another workshop on entrepreneurship titled " New Perspectives on Entrepreneurial Diversity and Well-being: Implications for Theory and Practice " will be held in the same facilities. Please use the following link to get more information



Ana Pérez-Luño (Trinity College Dublin)



Carmen Cabello Medina

Antonio Carmona Lavado

María Fuentes Blasco

Elena Giménez

Vesna Vlaisavljevic


Nicola del Sarto, University of Florence

Bart Clarysse, ETH Zurich




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