Business Module Outlines

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Business Module Outlines are updated for the current academic year by the end of the second week of Semester 1. Registered students can also view module outlines from the Blackboard page for each module.

Note: Modules available to Exchange and Visiting students are listed here.
(No first year modules are available.)

Year 1: Junior Fresh

Year 2: Senior Fresh

Year 3: Junior Sophister

Your third year is spent at a university or business school in the country of the language you are studying. Trinity has exchange agreements with a range of leading universities and business schools throughout Europe. The vast majority of modules and examinations, taken during your year abroad, will be through the medium of your chosen language. During your year abroad, you may undertake relevant work experience of six to eight weeks in an approved organisation or institution, or an alternative agreed with the exchange coordinator, such as reflection assignments relating to your year abroad.

Year 4: Senior Sophister