We have a number of opportunities for our corporate network to work directly with small groups of students to develop strategy. Students undertaking the portfolio of MBA programmes, our MSc in International Management, or our MSc in Management are required to complete practical consultancy type research with real companies as part of their programme delivery. This is in lieu of a traditional academic dissertation.

In consultation with us, we can determine which project is right for your business.

Listed below are the three main project types currently on offer, but a useful first step is a chat to explore ways we can work together - please don't hesitate to reach out to our team today.

Duration: 4 months

MBA student project teams are involved in solving real-world business problems and provide an agile, free consultancy resource to large or multi-national companies. The MBA team works closely with a company’s senior management team to deliver a comprehensive strategic audit of the industry, problem analysis and a blueprint for change. Delivered over four stages, this project results in four presentations to the company, and a major report of the team’s findings, recommendations, and implementation plans.

Duration: 6 weeks

The scaling project relates to a growth-related impediment or challenge facing a young, fast growing company that has become (or could potentially become) a bottleneck for achieving growth.

MBA teams work on a specific, real scaling opportunity to design and deliver value added solutions for the client firm. The timing of this project, at the end of the MBA programme, encourages students to integrate their learning and apply their knowledge experience from other courses to the Scaling Project.

Duration: 8 weeks

A student team from either MSc in Management or MSc in International Management will analyse your organisation’s business opportunity, and produce a complete actionable report that will include a range of solutions and implementation plan. In addition to the final report, the student consulting team will deliver its findings via a succinct presentation. Hosting a project and working directly with MSc students can bring a fresh perspective, new ideas and energy to your business.

Download a copy of our MSc Consulting Project Employer Guide 2024 for more info.


Conor Edwards

Alumni & Corporate Relations Manager

Aoife Fitzpatrick

Employer & Industry Engagement Lead

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