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Host an MBA Company Project

Our highly talented MBA students have a minimum of five years’ work experience and bring a diverse range of skills and experience.  Companies that have participated in the Trinity MBA live action projects in the past range from multinational technology firms, major financial institutions, car manufacturers, professional services firms, well known SMEs, public service and not-for-profit organisations.

MBA Strategic Company Project

MBA Alumna Annmarie Ramsey speaks about the MBA Strategic Company Project.

MBA student project teams are involved in solving real-world business problems and provide an agile, low-cost consultancy resource to companies.  The MBA team works closely with a company’s senior management team to deliver a comprehensive strategic audit of the industry, problem analysis and a blueprint for change.  

Delivered over four stages, this project results in four presentations to the company, and a major report of the team’s findings, recommendations, and implementation plans:

1. Industry and Competitor Analysis
2. Company Analysis and Issue Identification
3. Strategic Issue Analysis
4. Blueprint for Change

MBA Scaling Project

A MBA student team works closely with a scaling firm to identify, diagnose and offer strategic recommendations on how to manage a growth related impediment or challenge the company is facing and that has become (or could potentially become) a bottleneck for achieving greater scale.

MBA Social Enterprise Project

This project involves a MBA student team working directly with a Social Enterprise that is focused on a social mission, such as an NGO or a Foundation with a specific social mission and purpose, with little or no financial resources. Previous projects undertaken have consisted of a new marketing strategy, a new plan for measuring impact or a re-branding initiate, amongst others.

Host MSc in International Management Consulting Project

The Consulting Project on the MSc in International Management offers a multinational company or a large enterprise an opportunity to work with a small student team to solve a real-life organisational problem over the second semester of the programme. The teams are supervised by an academic mentor and presents companies with an opportunity to access quality student research on questions relevant to their business.

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For further information on hosting a Company Project, please contact Conor Edwards via email or telephone +353 1 896 3939