Micro-credential in Negotiating for Value

Hear past participants discuss why they chose Negotiating for Value at Trinity Business School and how they have applied their enhanced negotiating skills back at work.

"There are very few courses where you get more than what you expected in terms of learning and exposure. This course is definitely one of them. It is simply an essential skill that all involved in any form of negotiation should possess.

Shahied Daniels, Chief Executive of SA Institute of Professional Accountants


Programme Overview


June 2023

November 2023
Format  In person In person
Duration 4 full days 4 full days
Schedule  9am - 5pm 9am-5pm 
Dates 20, 21, 22 & 23 June 2023  7, 8, 9 & 10 November 2023
Tuition Fees Certificate for Completion Route (CC) €1850

Certificate for Completion Route (CC) €1850
Micro – Credential Route (MC) €2000
MC Application Deadline   30 September 2022

Discover tried and tested negotiation strategies to apply in formal and informal negotiations for successful outcomes.

The ability to negotiate well is an essential skill that every employee should possess.  Put negotiation skills at the heart of business strategy and culture to drive organizational success - ensure that negotiations do not depend on personal judgement or ‘gut feeling’.

What does the programme offer you?

  • Proven techniques to craft mutually beneficial, non-manipulative and sustainable deals
  • Insights into human behaviour, cross-cultural imperatives, creativity and innovation
    Opportunities to plan and negotiate together to successfully create bi-lateral and multi- lateral agreements

Programme details

Within the course you will cover:

  • Establishing the core determinants of principled, value maximizing negotiations
  • Different types of negotiation and how to create a negotiation climate conducive to developing mutually beneficial negotiation outcomes
  • Negotiation strategies, tactics, ploys and gambits
  • Building trust and negotiating across cultures
  • Dealing with difficult parties in negotiations
  • Structured negotiation planning using a planning template
  • Planning and negotiating a bi-lateral negotiation
  • Planning and negotiating a complex negotiation that encompasses multiple business disciplines

Who is this programme designed for?

  • Leaders and managers in small, medium and large organisations
  • Sales or procurement executives
  • Entrepreneurs wishing to gain venture funding and/or establish new business initiatives
  • Legal practitioners

Programme delivery

Four full days in-person

Programme Lead: David Venter

Professor David Venter is a world-renowned expert in creating business value through negotiations. He helped lead the reconciliation process in South Africa as the Director General of all government communication and information under President Nelson Mandela. He has taught negotiation, conflict resolution and leadership at business schools in Europe, China and South Africa and teaches on the Executive MBA programme at Trinity Business School. David also consults and delivers training for the corporate, governmental and NGO sectors.

Why undertake the programme for credits?

Micro-credentials are short flexible modules that lead to accreditation in the form of ECTS. For further general information about micro-credentials please click here.

Professor David Venter on Negotiating for Value

In his own words, David Venter, discusses the need for win-more / win-more negotiation to create robust agreements that will last.