Programme Overview

Dates 2024 -Dates TBC
Duration 5 days over 5 months



9am – 5pm

Location Trinity Business School and the company hosting onsite



The CMLG is a network of managers and senior executives from non-competing companies who share a common objective of achieving organizational excellence in Customer Management. The Group is directed by Trinity Business School (TBS) and provides a unique blend of leading-edge academic thinking with proven practitioner experience.

The Programme

The CMLG programme consists of six to ten non-competing companies that explore best practice in Customer Experience and Customer Management with an emphasis on facilitating knowledge transfer and best practice. The programme will commence on 16 August 2022 with subsequent Masterclasses on 13 September, 11 October, 15 November, and 13 December 2022. The themes for each Masterclass are chosen by the Business School with some topics are chosen by participants at the first meeting, thereby ensuring a customized and highly relevant experience for the Group. Typically, up to four people will represent a participant Company on the programme thereby enabling an opportunity to embed customer centric excellence deeply within the organization. An in-company consulting day towards the end of the programme is intended to reinforce the application of the acquired knowledge and provide further guidance where necessary.


The TBS Customer Management Leadership Group has the following objectives:

  • To promote and facilitate Global Best Practices in Customer Management.
  • To inspire its members with new and proven knowledge in Customer Management Leadership.
  • To enable members to become leaders in Customer Management across the value creation process.
  • To learn how Customer Management can reshape employee, customer, and employer relationships.

Features of Membership

  • A unique feature of the programme is that members influence the content by selecting the issues that they want to have addressed. This ensures the customization and relevance of the Masterclass themes.
  • Participant companies send up to four delegates to the programme where the latest thinking on Customer Management is reviewed alongside current Best Practices. Each Masterclass addresses a specific theme.
  • Members have access to programme content and outputs from all Masterclasses


The first Masterclass is a selection of five presentations from lead academics in TBS on issues that impact Customer Management. Typical themes addressed in the subsequent Masterclasses include:

  • Developing a Customer Management Strategy
  • Creating and sustaining a Customer-Focused Culture
  • Consumer psychology and behaviour
  • Social Media and digital marketing
  • Customer profitability, lifetime value and measurement of Customer Management Programmes

Benefits of Membership 

  • Networking: The Group gives members access to a network of like-minded senior management across a wide range of sectors.
  • Knowledge: Members will learn from a cross-fertilisation of knowledge with other organisations facing the same challenges as they do.
  • Effectiveness: Members will get a better return from their customer management investment in people and processes.
  • Consultancy: CMLG members derive further benefit from a one-day in-company consultancy visit. This is a valuable opportunity for members to delve deeper into particular customer management issues based on the learnings of the programme.
  • Discount for members who wish to attend the annual Trinity Global Business Forum.

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To find out more about the TBS Customer Management Leadership Group, please contact:

Martin Reddington
Programme Director and Teaching Fellow
Trinity Business School
+353 87 258 5216

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