Ireland’s contingent workforce and the project-based economy continues to emerge: This research, entitled, ‘Ireland’s Project Economy 2022: A Barometer of Independent Professionals, Contractors & Solo Self-Employed’, assesses the extent and nature of independent professional working in Ireland’s labour market and identify any changes of significance since the completion of the first study in 2021. 

This research project is being carried out by Trinity Business School with support from Contracting PLUS. Our purpose is to investigate the highly important but largely overlooked freelance – independent professional – contractor – solo self-employed segment of the labour market.  

Thank you to over 1,000 independent contractors, recruiters and clients, who contributed to the only report on the project economy completed in Ireland. Prior to the report, little was known about this sector in Ireland despite it being identified as of major importance in other developed economies.  The report provides a statistical insight into work, life, business performance and the economy relating to high skilled independent contractors.   

We hope you enjoy the report. If you have any questions and comments, please feel free to contact us at  

Research Project Leaders:

Professor Andrew Burke, Dean of Trinity Business School and founding co-author of the UK’s Freelance Confidence Index Survey

Professor Na Fu, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management

Ms Yue Sun, Research Fellow