Who is this programme designed for?

Senior Healthcare Leaders & Executives, Practice Area Managers and Policy spokespeople need to leverage effective communication and influencing skills for maximum impact.

What does the programme offer to participants?

Healthcare leaders often work in areas of high stress and tension, often connected to deep internal, public and media interest related to policy, leadership and outcomes. The associated challenges of engaging with stakeholders, including colleagues, media and the public require skills and experience in effective communication. This programme, designed specifically for healthcare leaders, changes people’s behaviour with respect to communication and effective listening. It will give you clear hands-on guidance for continued skills enhancement, supported by the most up-to-date research.


Impactful communication is essential for the success of a healthcare leader.

Experiential, research founded, incisive and demanding, the programme will deliver an impactful learning experience.    
The focus throughout the programme is on the individual as well as the group, so that you can enhance and cement your strengths, and address your challenges and concerns, while simultaneously benefiting from the strengths and challenges of other participants.


  • Influence and change behaviour in your organisation. 
  • Influence and persuade others to change attitudes and mindsets. 
  • Understand your communication style.
  • Understand the power of storytelling. 
  • Understand and create your personal narrative.  
  • Develop your listening and questioning skills. 
  • Develop and fine tune practical meetings, chairing and facilitating skills for in-person and virtual environments. 


  • Creating your Compelling Narrative 
  • Communications Under Pressure
  • The Art of Interrogation-Listening, Questioning, Interviewing
  • Facilitation and How to Gain and Maintain Attention
  • Impactful Communication in the Remote Workplace
  • Impactful Communication in a Healthcare setting

Faculty Lead:

Eoghan Tomás McDermott, Managing Director of The Communications Clinic and Adjunct Teaching Fellow, Trinity Business School

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