Computer Science and Business Module Outlines


The Business Modules for Trinity Joint Honours Computer Science and Business students are listed below. Please use this list to access the module outlines.

You also need to access the module enrolment practices and policy information on the Trinity Joint Honours website.

Using your pathway choice please study the modules outlines to map out your year of study. Remember that you must ensure that your choices align with your pathway choice requirements and that you also take the prerequisites for future years of study into account.

The policies, practices and deadlines for Module Enrolment will be available through your MyTCD and further information available here.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they know and adhere to the policies, practices and deadlines. There is no guarantee of module choice availability so do have alternatives available.

Trinity Business School reserves the right to amend the list of available modules, and in particular to withdraw and add modules.

Year 1: Junior Fresh

Year 2: Senior Fresh

Year 3: Junior Sophister

Year 4: Senior Sophister