Transfer Pricing in a Globalised World - Trinity Executive Education

Hear why past participants chose Transfer Pricing in a Globalised World at Trinity Business School and how they have applied their knowledge in their organisation.  

Programme Overview

Acquire practical options for dealing with complex transfer pricing issues in your own or your clients’ businesses. Develop sustainable transfer pricing policies and resolve issues in your current transfer pricing arrangements.

For any business operating across different jurisdictions transfer pricing has become a major and sometimes contentious issue. Build an in-depth understanding of all the current issues and hear the views of world-leading experts in the field. 


May /June 2024 

Format  In Person
Duration 4 full days
Schedule  9am - 5pm

14 & 15 May 2024

11 & 12 June 2024

Programme Fee €3,400


What does the programme offer you?

  • A deep understanding of all the major current issues affecting transfer pricing
  • Learning from the experiences of world leaders in the field including members of OECD and UN transfer pricing committees
  • Opportunities to share perspectives and experiences with participants from multinational entities, tax, financial and legal advisors and tax authorities
  • Practical work on a range of case studies providing up-to-date examples of transfer pricing issues and options for successfully resolving them

Who is the programme designed for?

  • CFOs, Taxation and Finance executives and managers
  • Other senior executives who need to be aware of transfer pricing issues when making strategic and operational decisions
  • Tax advisors in accounting and legal firms


Programme Delivery

4 full days in-person


Day 1: 14/05/2024

  • A macroeconomic overview giving context to the transfer pricing landscape.
  • Current issues in the OECD guidelines, including Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (“BEPS”) and Development, Enhancement, Maintenance, Protection and Exploitation (“DEMPE”)
  • Resolving transfer pricing disputes

Day 2: 15/05/2024

  • Defining the transaction
  • Transfer pricing methodologies
  • Case studies highlighting specific issues and options for resolution

Day 3: 11/06/2024

  • Presentation, review and discussion on case study assignment
  • Leveraging technology to increase the accuracy of documentation
  • Impact on US companies trading globally
  • US company case studies
  • Irish company case study

Day 4: 12/06/2024

  • Transfer pricing issues in Europe
  • Developing defensible transfer pricing policies
  • Benchmarking pricing and costs
  • Transfer pricing in a downturn
  • Getting the legal documentation right

Programme Director: Hilary Hough

For further information please email Jane Flanagan at