Programme Overview

Gain critical insights into the governance-related complexities of the ethical, technological and business aspects of AI implementation, over a focused 2-day programme in September. Designed to accommodate your professional commitments, the course takes place on Friday and Saturday.

  September 2024
Format In-Person
Duration 2-days
Schedule Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 17:00
Dates 27th & 28th September
Tuition Fees 2,400

Generative AI offers both opportunities and challenges for board members. It provides business value through innovation, improved productivity, and streamlined operations but also raises ethical and legal concerns, including privacy risks and potential biases. As AI continues to transform industries, it is vital for board members to understand its implications, drive strategic initiatives, and oversee its ethical deployment. Having a dedicated board member responsible for AI implementation ensures these challenges are proactively managed, aligning AI applications with ethical and legal standards while fostering responsible innovation. 

The "AI for Boards" programme by Trinity Executive Education is designed to equip board members with the essential knowledge and tools required to address the complexities of artificial intelligence. This course addresses the growing demand for an AI responsible board member due to the current critical need for AI literacy, ethical governance, and strategic oversight, and provides its participants with the abilities to take responsibility in the boardroom. 

Build valuable experience with prompt engineering, gain confidence in providing guidance and advice to board members and organisation, utilise many of the AI tools available today, and become the AI leader within your company. Join us in Trinity Executive Education, located in the heart of Dublin, a fast-growing European tech hub, and gain a deeper understanding of the practical and theoretical advantages AI can offer to you and your organisation.  

Course Highlights 

  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: Collaborate with fellow board members and industry experts to exchange insights and strategies. 
  • Expert-Led Sessions: Learn from leading AI practitioners and governance experts who bring real-world experience, alongside Trinity College academics specialising in the ethical, technical and business areas of AI implementation. 
  • Strategic Focus: Develop the ability to understand AI at a strategic level, enabling you to ask the right questions and make informed decisions about AI initiatives in your boardroom discussions. 
  • Practical Frameworks: Gain insights into comprehensive tools and frameworks for governing AI risks and opportunities. 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of AI and generative AI technologies, including their potential applications and impacts on business models. 
  • Learn to identify and mitigate AI-related risks, ensuring responsible and ethical deployment of AI within your organisations. 
  • Enhance your ability to contribute strategically to board discussions on AI and other frontier technologies, asking the right questions and guiding informed decision-making. 
  • Providing strategic advice for reporting on AI initiatives, ensuring clarity and accuracy in communicating AI-related outcomes to stakeholders. 
  • Participate in immersive experiences such as AI wine tasting, virtual reality, and augmented reality prompting to gain practical insights into AI applications. 
  • Equip yourself to be the key board member responsible for driving AI initiatives, positioned as the AI expert on their board. 

What Makes Trinity Executive Education's Approach Unique? 

Trinity Executive Education stands out through its multidisciplinary approach, combining leading research, practical insights, and a strong emphasis on ethical considerations in AI governance. Leveraging real-world case studies and immersive experiences, the ‘AI for Boards’ programme ensures that participants not only understand AI technologies but also gain the strategic acumen required to lead AI initiatives effectively. Partnering with industry leaders such as FTI Consulting, Mason Hayes & Curran, and the ADAPT Centre, Trinity provides unparalleled access to expertise and practical frameworks, ensuring that participants are well-prepared to address the ethical, legal, and strategic challenges posed by AI. 

'AI for Boards’ allows its participants to be uniquely positioned to become the go-to AI experts on their boards, driving innovation and strategic decision-making while ensuring responsible AI deployment. 

Who is this Course Designed For? 

This course is specifically designed, but not limited to, directors, board members, senior executives, and governance professionals wanting to take responsibility for overseeing AI initiatives. It is further structured to cater to the needs of professionals aiming to join boards and looking to differentiate themselves by acquiring critical AI knowledge. The ‘AI for Boards’ programme is for everyone who wishes to ensure ethical AI deployment and understand AI trends and their effects on organisations. Ideally participants will be current or aspiring board members, working with SME's and MME's.   

Personal Advancement  

The ‘AI for Boards’ programme offers significant personal and professional growth opportunities. Participants will enhance their strategic oversight capabilities, stay current with technological advancements, and develop strategies to manage AI complexities responsibly and effectively. Everyone will gain valuable experience with prompting, build confidence in asking the right questions, and utilise AI to its fullest potential. This knowledge makes participants more attractive candidates for board positions or establishes their role as the AI decision-maker on the board. By becoming the designated AI experts within their boards, participants can drive innovation, ensure compliance with ethical and legal standards, and contribute to their organisations' long-term success. 

Programme Details

Learn the fundamental principles and practices of corporate governance, including the roles and responsibilities of board members. Explore the opportunities and risks for AI in corporate governance.

Discuss the history and potential of AI in the modern world. Gain a high-level understanding of key AI technologies and the correct ways of using them to improve your work and your organisation’s productivity. 

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory landscape governing AI. Weigh the legal and ethical implications of AI to better mitigate potential risks and promote the correct ethical AI practices. 

Identify effective approaches to communicate AI initiatives and outcomes to stakeholders, including best practices for transparency, accuracy, and accountability in AI reporting. Gain insights into standard reporting frameworks and metrics used to evaluate AI performance and impact. 

Gain the confidence and know-how to use Generative AI in a work environment. Ensure you have the ability and expertise to provide guidance, set strategy, and oversee the use and management of Generative AI within your organisations. 

Participate in a board simulation to gain invaluable practice in approaching the boardroom regarding AI initiatives and clearly communicating their alignment with your organisation’s goals. 


The ‘AI for Boards’ programme is open to:  

  • Directors and board members of listed companies or large organisations. 
  • Aspiring board members with a minimum of 3 years of senior management experience.

Dr. Daniel Malan 
Assistant Professor in Business Ethics and Director of the Trinity Corporate Governance Lab at Trinity Business School. 

Contact Person
Jane Flanagan
Programme Recruitment & Enrolment Manager at Trinity Executive Education