Dr. Daniel Malan

Dr. Daniel Malan

Assistant Professor, Trinity Business School



Daniel Malan is an assistant professor in business ethics and the director of the Trinity Corporate Governance Lab at Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin. His focus areas are business ethics, corporate governance, responsible technology and corporate responsibility. He was the co-chair of the B20 Task Force on Integrity and Compliance (2020, 2022),and a member of the Global Future Council on Transparency and Anti-Corruption of the World Economic Forum (2019 - 2022). He is the regional partner for Ireland and Africa at the International Board Foundation in St Gallen, Switzerland. He is an associate professor extraordinaire at the triple-accredited Stellenbosch Business School in South Africa and a former visiting scholar at the Wharton School. He has consulted to the World Economic Forum, United Nations, International Finance Corporation as well as various large corporations and has worked in 41 countries. Previously he was an associate director with KPMG Forensic, where he was responsible for ethics and integrity services in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. His qualifications include a PhD in Business Administration, a Masters degree in Philosophy as well as a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA), all from Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

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Research Expertise

Economics, Business & Management, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, Philosophy, Ethics and Religion, Economics, Business & Management,


  • Best Work in Progress Paper Award, Corporate Governance Conference, Stellenbosch Business School December 2022
  • Trinity Business School Teaching Award 2023
  • Teaching Hero Award 2021
  • Trinity Business School Research Excellence Award 2020
  • Member of Society for Business Ethics 2022
  • Member of Royal Dublin Society (Enterprise Committee) 2024
  • Academy of Management 2024
  • Member of advisory panel: World Economic Forum's Future of Trust and Integrity project
  • Member of the editorial board of the African Journal of Business Ethics
  • Portfolio partner for Ireland and Africa of the International Board Foundation (Switzerland)
  • Member of advisory panel: World Economic Forum's Future of Trust and Integrity project
  • Member of World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Transparency and Anti-Corruption 2019 - 2022
  • Co-chair of Business 20 (B20) Task Force on Integrity and Compliance 2022, 2022