Alumni Testimonials

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We asked our alumni about their MBA experience and any advice they had for prospective students. Read what they had to say.

2021 Class Profile

  • 33 Average age
  • 11 years average work experience 
  • 40:60 - Ratio women to men 
  • 74% of student population are international students 

MBA Student Spotlight - Application Advice - Ben Donahue

Full-Time MBA student Ben Donahue sat down with us to give his tips and advice about applying for the Trinity MBA.

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The best part of the MBA for me was the focus on the softer skills – learning how to manage up, manage myself better, look at a situation a little bit differently, understand the position of the person you’re speaking to, etc.

I wanted to do an MBA with a brand and there’s no bigger brand in Europe that’s rightly priced than Trinity College Dublin.

The leadership and professional development module was phenomenal – it went through the entire programme. The company project we did was excellent. I worked in banking and finance my whole career and could apply my skills to a change management project with an engineering company. They took our feedback on board and actually hired one of our group to work in their company in Singapore.

The week in Leuven was absolutely phenomenal. The negotiation theory module and everything else was one of the best times I have ever had and probably the highlight of my academic career.

Mike DeNardo

Head of Trading, Director of BCS Global Markets in New York City

The Trinity MBA has been both an important milestone and a signpost to a new direction. Following a career in corporate finance at Ireland's largest stockbroking and financial advisory firm, I entered the MBA with the objective of broadening, deepening and refreshing knowledge across a number of disciplines. I exited it with a renewed enthusiasm for learning, access to new skills to navigate many professional and social environments and the confidence and acumen that comes from survival of a challenging and stimulating experience in the company of bright colleagues and thought-provoking lecturers.

I have since changed role, joining one of Irelands leading law firms as a senior adviser in the corporate team and have ample opportunity to seek to apply the numerous learnings from the MBA.

Eugenée Mulhern

Senior Advisor at A&L Goodbody

I was looking at a number of different MBA programmes and I chose Trinity due to the quality of the school and the brand name. There’s definitely a cost advantage of going abroad but for me it was about getting the international experience. I wanted to get a different perspective and Trinity absolutely gave me that.

The Trinity MBA has had a tremendous impact on my life both professionally and personally. It strengthened my softer skills that you really need to evolve to the next level in business.

Matt Healy

Director of Product and Innovation at Mastercard

When I commenced the programme, I gave myself one year to challenge my thinking, change my outlook and choose my next step. This could not have been achieved without the remarkable opportunities and strategic tools afforded to me by the Trinity MBA. We received professional coaching which refined our leadership and management skills, engaged with world-class academic lectures with strong credible industry links, participated in an effective team-based model approach to project work and had the chance to work with exceptionally high-calibre classmates from diverse Industry sectors and nationalities.

In my opinion to operate in a progressive business environment you need to be equipped with solid leadership, analytical and interpersonal skills, all with a global perspective. In my experience during the Trinity MBA, these qualities were not only strengthened through the numerous case studies, presentations and reading materials, but ultimately having the opportunity to work alongside key national and international companies with a substantial global reach. The academic expectation was one thing, but the trinity alumni community has also proven to be a valuable investment to be part of when enhancing international business links.

The Trinity MBA has truly been one of the most profound experiences of my life to date.

Martina Donohue

Marketing Manager at Shimmer

The Trinity MBA has transformed my opinion about what a programme can teach me. It is a rare occurrence that a programme not only teaches the course well but also teaches what every business needs the most - relationship building and time management. One of the most interesting things about the course is the opportunity to learn about various cultures and the related perceptions from the 'omnium gatherum’ in the class.

It widens your horizon to human thinking and helps you encapsulate all the possible conditions in decision making. I would recommend Trinity Business School to everyone to come for a journey to experience the beauty of the campus, the warmth of the Irish culture and to shape your life for a better you.
The Trinity MBA provides ample opportunity to grow both personally and professionally through exposure to a wide range of exceptional people. Whether it is captains of industry, lecturers who carry a wealth of experience and your fellow MBA candidates who come from a wide array of backgrounds. Throughout the process my goals were listened to and guided by the people who have put the program together and they have helped me to set my career path in a direction which is much more fulfilling to me. The MBA is without a doubt the best investment I have ever made in myself and I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone considering following this path.

Vaibhav Matoo

Manager Advisory Services, EY