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Trinity College have some research awards and funding for PhD students. Some additional sources of funding may also be available.

Trinity College Dublin Research Awards and Funding

The Eric Flamholtz PhD Scholarship on Business Growth and Development
Commencing Autumn 2024

The Eric Flamholtz PhD Scholarship will fund a high potential scholar to undertake research into business growth and development. Funded by Professor Eric Flamholtz and Trinity Business School, the scholarship offers a fee waiver (worth up to €7,000 to cover EU fees) and a scholarship of €13,000 plus, if taken up, a Teaching Fellowship worth between €8,000 to €10,000 leading to an overall total potential funding of between of €21,000 - €23,000 per annum over a three-year (possibly four-year) period.

Applicants wishing to be considered for the scholarship should first contact Professor Andrew Burke by email to, by May 1, 2024 and ideally earlier.

Click here to learn more about the Eric Flamholtz PhD Scholarship on Business Growth and Development.

Postgraduate Ussher Fellowships are available to new entrants on the Doctoral Programme. They are awarded competitively on academic merit.  The Award fully covers EU and non-EU fees and provides an annual maintenance grant for three years, conditional on successful completion of each year.

For more information on the Fellowship and details of how to apply please click here.

Postgraduate Studentships are available to new entrants as well as continuing students on the full-time PhD register.  They are awarded competitively on academic merit.  The Studentship fully covers EU and non-EU fees and provides an annual maintenance grant for three years, conditional on successful completion of each year.  As a holder of a postgraduate studentship you will be required to engage in some teaching-related activities.
Further information is available here.

Your application for the Ussher Fellowship and the Postgraduate Studentship must be made in conjunction with your PhD application. 

Application should be made only via our online application system.

Additional Sources of Funding

Irish Students

  • The Student Grant Scheme pays fees plus a small stipend.  It is means tested and may be based on parents’ income if the student is living in their parent’s home or is less than 23 years of age. Students over 23 years of age and living independently may quality for the Mature Student Grant Scheme. For more information contact your local authority.
  • If you are a self-funding student you can apply to the Revenue Commissioners for tax relief on your tuition fees.
  • You may apply to the Irish Research Council for funding. No teaching allowed in first year and a maximum of three hours per week thereafter.  Applications are usually due in January.  Your application must be cleared internally by Trinity College first and there is an internal deadline for applications.
  • North-South Scholarships.  Universities Ireland , the body which promotes collaboration between the nine universities in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, offers scholarships to students undertaking postgraduate studies in the other Irish jurisdiction. This scholarship is worth €15,000 and must be taken up in September or October .

Additional Sources of Funding (US and Canadian Students)

Additional Sources of Funding (All Students)

  • Funding may be available through research grants to supervisors from the Higher Education Authority’s Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (HEA-PRTLI).
  • Likewise, funding may also be available through research programmes funded by the European Commission.

Click here for more information on how to apply or here to start your application.