How To Work With Us

Research insights can help companies to enhance their strategies and management practices. Gain competitive advantage by mapping your customer journey, understanding Fintech and Blockchain, Data Mining or how digital transformation impacts your HRM strategy.

Our masters students work with companies to research and solve problems to aid their digital journey. An Academic Supervisor will work closely with you to help identify a suitable project topic relating to your business. An assigned student group will work with you for a period of time ending with a comprehensive report and
recommendations for management.

Enterprise Ireland (EI) provides various avenues for businesses to work with Irish higher education institutes, where EI will fund a researcher to solve some of the burning questions you may have.

Our centre has some of the best minds in the world in field of analytics, business management, digital marketing, transformation, finance. If you have a problem that requires a solution, we have the right expertise. Research partnership can take many shapes and forms and is often supported by Irish research agencies like SFI, EI, etc.

If you have a long-term research project, you can sponsor students that would be co-sponsored by
Irish research council to work on your problems. A PhD student working on your problem for four years would cost you €9,000 a year and provide high quality analysis of any research problem.

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