Outgoing Exchanges

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Outgoing Student Exchange Programme

Students in their third year (Junior Sophister) may spend the full year or one semester at one of our partner institutions. These exchange agreements mean that no fees are paid to the partner. Normal fees are paid to TCD and any grants or scholarships will still be paid to the student as usual. Credits earned in our partner institutions will be transferred to TCD as part of your degree.

Exchanges within the EU are eligible for Erasmus+ funding (approx. €300-€500 per month). Non-EU exchanges may be eligible for some funding through the TCD Global Mobility Bursary.

There are two main type of exchanges: School-level and College-wide. School level exchanges are specific agreements with Business Schools and Departments in our partner institutions. All of the EU/Erasmus exchanges and some non-EU exchanges are School-level (see details below).

Two separate applications exist for School-level and College-wide exchanges. The two processes are coordinated so that a student may go on one exchange only.

Trinity Business School works with the School of Social Sciences and Philosophy (SSSP) for the School-level exchange programme and with the Global Relations Office who run the College-wide exchanges.

Information sessions are held early in the academic year for 2nd year (SF) students who apply in October and November for their exchanges the following year. Offers are made based on 1st year (JF) overall grade and are conditional on maintaining a 2.1 or 2.2 overall grade and passing all modules on first attempt in 2nd year (SF).

The opportunity to study abroad is an integral part of the Business and a Language degree programme. For other business students, it is dependent on attaining grades of at least II.2 in Junior and Senior Freshman years. Places are limited and the process is competitive and is primarily based on grades and suitability of destination.

Information on how to apply

Applications for 2024/25 academic year are open until 17th November 2023. There are two main processes with separate application forms: TCD College-wide and School-level.

TCD College-wide Exchanges for BESS, Global Business, Law & Business, Computer Science & Business: How to Apply to International Exchanges - Study - Trinity College Dublin (tcd.ie)

TBS School Exchanges

Application Forms for Business Studies & a Language, Global Business and Law & Business are available in the Teams/Sharepoint folder to which all SF students have been added.

Students of Law and Business may also apply via Law Study Abroad - School of Law - Trinity College Dublin (tcd.ie)

TBS School Exchanges Application Forms

You may also apply via Law Study Abroad - School of Law - Trinity College Dublin (tcd.ie)