Our Centres of Excellence

Trinity Business School has created two centres of excellence: the Centre for Social Innovation and the Centre for Digital Business. Each Centre brings together academics, industry professionals, and students from different disciplines to make a positive impact on business and society through engagement, research, innovation and teaching.

Trinity Centre for Social Innovation

Making a positive impact on society and the environment. 

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Trinity Centre for Digital Business & Analytics

A multidisciplinary research team providing thought leadership.

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Our Expertise

Our diverse faculty comprises of both professors and industry experts who are internationally recognised for their thought leadership across a broad spectrum of disciplines, all united in their desire to positively contribute to business and society.

The School’s research strengths and interests include, but are not limited to, humane business, CSR, governance and business ethics, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, marketing and consumers, finance and accounting, work and people, strategy and change, international business organisational students, innovation, manufacturing and systems.

For a deeper insight into the transformational research undertaken by faculty at Trinity Business School, please view our researcher's profiles Faculty Professors.

Prior to a research study commencing, a Research Ethics Review must be completed and approved by Trinity College Dublin. 

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Trinity Corporate Governance Lab

The Lab delivers innovative projects in corporate governance and business ethics, focusing on the ‘G’ of ESG through interdisciplinary research and collaboration with industry and policy-makers.

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Ireland's Project Economy 2024

The 2024 survey is now open and we are interested in hearing your views.

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Trinity Business Ethics Speaker Series

Hosted by Trinity Corporate Governance Lab the series explores modern business.

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Updated Accreditation Logos for 2024