Healthcare Leadership is one of the most demanding areas of organizational leadership anywhere – so much is at stake! Traditionally, however, we have focused on developing clinical and technical skills in our healthcare organizations. We have focused less on allowing our organizational decision makers and managers to develop and craft their own leadership styles that are aligned with their roles and which facilitate effective leadership and strategic thinking across their organizations.

Trinity Business School, together with a number of partners and stakeholders, has worked to bridge this gap with carefully customized leadership development programmes for mid-leadership, senior leadership, and board-level leaders across a range of healthcare organizations. We match succession planning and leadership development with key organizational priorities such as digital and cultural transformation, patient-centric excellence, innovation, effective people and team leadership, and change management. Calling upon our own Business School faculty experts, colleagues from across Trinity College Dublin as well as collaborators from our international bench of academics and industry experts, we work with partners across Europe and internationally to deliver engagements specifically designed to meet your organization’s needs. No matter what your organization’s circumstances, we can sit down and co-design engagement with you that will develop your emerging leaders, assist your executive leaders in honing their own leadership styles and accelerate cultural & mindset shifts across your organization.

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