BUU44520 Exploring Organisational Experiences

(20 ECTS) 



Prof David Coghlan

E-mail: dcoghlan@tcd.ie 
Office Hours: By appointment

Module Description: 

This module takes an “inquiry for the inside” approach and teaches students to attend to their experience of working in an organisation and how they seek to understand and to form critical judgements about what goes on in that organisation. This module flags an advanced management competence.

Learning and Teaching Approach:

Individual critical inquiry into experience and group discussions

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module each student will have learned:

  1. To attend to their direct experiences in an organisation
  2. By means of a general empirical method to inquire critically into their experiences so as to come to an understanding of that organisation’s action theory
  3. To reflect on learning from experience

Recommended Texts/Key Reading:

Required core course textbook:

Coghlan, David. Inside Organizations. SAGE: London, 2016.

General Supplemental Readings:

Provided during the course


Assessment will be based on a series of assignments: 

  1. Paper 1 to be submitted at the end of Semester 1 [20%]. 
  2. Paper 2 to be submitted late in Semester 2 [30%]. 
  3. Paper 3 to be submitted at the end of the course [20%] 
  4. Participation [30% across the 3 single-page pensees on specific topics, participation at seminars and for the journal/notebook which will be inspected randomly]