BUU22520 Introduction to Principles of Marketing

(5 ECTS)


Sarah Browne

E-mail: sarah.browne@tcd.ie 
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BUU11510 - Fundamentals of Management & Organisation

Module Description:

The aim of this module is to equip students with an understanding of i) the marketing concept ii) important strategic marketing decisions for business iii) emerging trends in marketing and iv) the relationships and tensions that exist between marketing practice and society. Students will first be introduced to important concepts underpinning marketing practice; consumer behaviour, segmentation & targeting, branding, marketing communications in a digitalised world, and the marketing mix.

In the latter half of the module, we will explore some common marketing criticisms including; targeting vulnerable consumers, marketing harmful products and marketing’s role in driving unsustainable consumption levels which are in part fuelling the current climate crisis. This module concludes by exploring the increasing use and application of marketing principles beyond commercial contexts (e.g. social/not-for-profit marketing), to try and address social, environmental and public health problems.

Having completed the module, students should have a balanced, holistic understanding of marketing as a dynamic discipline operating within a context of changing consumer behaviour and preferences, increasing expectations for brands to have a purpose beyond profit, and 2 growing demand for firms to take greater accountability for the social and environmental costs of what and how they produce, and how they behave in the marketplace.

Learning Outcomes:

Having successfully completed this module, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental concepts, frameworks and approaches used for effective marketing decision making.
  2. Understand and explain the core theoretical underpinnings of how consumers behave and how marketing attempts to engage with and influence consumer decision making
  3. Identify and critique some of the key challenges and emerging trends in marketing theory and practice
  4. Recognise and reflect on the role of marketing beyond commercial contexts and the influence of marketing on wider society   

Recommended Texts/Key Reading:

Required reading for this module is comprised of a core reading list of mostly academic journal articles (for some sessions, it may be a web article or podcast). The complete core reading list will be made available at the beginning of the term, in advance of the module’s first session. Each reading has been selected to facilitate learning and to encourage engagement with the core concepts covered in the module. Students must read/engage with the assigned material in advance of each session. You will be expected to answer questions, put forward your opinion on the content of these readings during the live session discussions. Core readings (+other assigned content) are examinable material.



% Total Module Marks

Group assessment


Individual assessment


Group assessment - 
Brief document will be made available on Blackboard (by teaching week 2 of the semester) providing detailed guidelines and submission criteria which will help guide and direct the student towards completion of the assignment. It is up to each group member to ensure they have read this document and adhere strictly to its contents.

Individual assessment - multiple choice test(s), scheduled during the course of the semester.

Reassessment: Students who do not obtain an overall pass mark for this module (40), will have the opportunity to be reassessed by a supplemental assessment (weighted at 100% ).