Our Research and Theme Leaders at the TCSI

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Building on the strong foundations established in the Centre for Nonprofit Management, our researchers are actively working in eight key knowledge and/or practice domains, specialising in multi-disciplinary projects and themes.

Nine Key Knowledge and Practice Domains

Exploring and assessing the range of funding and investment vehicles aimed at creating social impact.

Using complex systems approaches, uncover the key features of the institutions and processes that shape the economy and the society in which we live. Propose, test, evaluate and embed interventions that foster the creation of economic, social and environmental value.

Research interests include competing and cooperating logics in third sector hybrid organisations, and distinctive socially entrepreneurial characteristics in Irish social enterprises and other nonprofits.

Research interests include how organizational values and identity evolve and inform organizational culture.

The research focus here is on honing corporate social impact ethos, optimizing attainment strategies and managing for virtue and intrinsic motivation.

In this theme, we focus on the relationship within the firm and within society. We focus on understanding how corporate boards’ structures and processes influence stakeholder engagement, the linkages between governance, corporate political activity and corporate social responsibility, and critically exploring transnational and national CSR policies.

In the context of the UN guiding principles on Business & Human Rights (2011), assess the extent to which firms in Ireland and abroad are engaging with these principles and the impact this has in their operating models and communities.

Research focuses largely on sustainability and resilience in cities and the features and factors influencing successful innovation in this domain. The development of indicators of urban sustainability and resilience is also a key objective here.

Research interests include employee health and well-being at work (e.g. burnout, engagement and workaholism). Research under this theme explores how jobs are designed by managers and crafted by employees to promote the quality of working life. The impact of Mindfulness-Based Interventions on the health and well-being of employees is a particular focus.