Our Research and Theme Leaders at the TCSI

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Building on the strong foundations established in the Centre for Nonprofit Management, our researchers are actively working in eight key knowledge and/or practice domains, specialising in multi-disciplinary projects and themes.

Knowledge and Practice Impact Areas


Research Leader: Martha Hagan-O'Luff

Exploring and assessing the range of funding and investment vehicles aimed at creating positive social and environmental impact.



Research Leader: Mary-Lee Rhodes

Applying complex systems theory and research methodologies to identify opportunities for institutional change to address environmental and societal issues.  Developing systems thinking and practice competencies in business students at all levels from undergraduate through executive education.


Research Leader: Sheila Cannon

Research interests include competing and cooperating logics in third sector hybrid organisations, identifying the characteristics of nature-based enterprises, and value creation in social enterprises – both nonprofit and for-profit.


Research Leader: Daniel Malan

In this domain, the focus is on relationships within the firm and between firms and society. We explore corporate governance, in particular the links with the ethical values of accountability and transparency. Specific focus areas include corporate moral progress, deliberative democracy and responsible technology. For more information go to Trinity Corporate Governance Lab.

Through engagement with industry, policy-makers and NGOs, the publication of evidence-based research (e.g., Benchmarking Business & Human Rights in Ireland) and targeted executive education influence and enable firms in Ireland to comply with the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights.  

Watch Webinar: Benchmarking Business & Human Rights in Ireland 

CSI Benchmarking Human Rights in Ireland Report 2023

CSI Benchmarking Human Rights in Ireland Report 2020



Research Leader: Conor Dowling

In this domain we are focused on major research and innovation actions funded by European and Irish funding agencies with the aim of transforming Irish and European cities and regions to increase their resilience to climate change and facilitate a just transition to environmental and societal sustainability with a strong focus on Nature-Based Solutions.


Research Leader: Gemma Donnelly-Cox

Investigating and impacting nonprofit organization and management through the lenses of governance, regulation and reporting, and scaling.  The mechanisms employed in this domain range from major  research and innovation actions funded by European funding agencies to individual independent enquiry.