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Expand your learning and development activities cost effectively.

Price reductions of 30% and more are offered when you register for 10 or more places across any of our short professional courses within a twelve-month period under our People Development Partnerships agreement.

Management and leadership development, succession planning, attracting and retaining staff, and strengthening capacity & capability are key priorities for all businesses. Trinity Executive Education offers organizations the opportunity to gain access to its short intensive programme portfolio at a significantly reduced rate through our People Development Partnership scheme.

Benefits of a corporate partnership include:

  • Enabling 10 or more individuals within your organization to upskill in a range of critical skill areas and management and leadership development with a discount of 30% and more
  • Membership of our Executive Education Partner & Alumni Network with access to breakfast briefings and our ongoing series of thought leadership and guest speaker events focused on contemporary and business-critical issues
  • Ability to commission action learning projects with our MBA and MSc students
  • Access to a growing suite of short courses where we add new programmes in collaboration with our Partners, ensuring we remain responsive and relevant to your needs

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“Practical, straightforward, challenging and simple- this course provides a depth of experience and expertise to those interested in improving operational capability and competitiveness." 

Dr Alexander Ruestig, VP Schaeffler Gmbh, Germany - Participant on Lean Operational Excellence

"Coaching conversations with peers and coaches allowed us to see where we had room to improve and grow so as to become more beneficial as an employee and as part of a high-performing team. It provided us with the opportunity to get to the source of underperformance by generating a culture of feedback and continuous improvement. All this was achieved through a positive, supportive, and non-judgmental environment." 

Joyce Power, Quality Manager, HealthBeacon. - Participant on Leading People

Why Trinity Executive Education?

TBS Executive Education has tailored and successfully delivered bespoke educational programmes to both public and private organisations for over 25 years. We also deliver short open enrolment courses across a wide portfolio of areas including leadership, change management, cultural cohesion, digital and carbon transformation, crypto currency and many more.

At the heart of our approach is our commitment to “Transform Business for Good” – good for performance and profit, good for people & community and good for our planet. We know sustainability, respect for people and enhanced performance are not mutually exclusive. We work with our partners to develop their people, better serve their customers, create real organizational change and drive performance.  

Professional Talent Development, Change Management, Cultural Cohesion, Digital and Carbon Transformation are just some of the ways we can impact organisational and strategic renewal. Our programmes facilitate management and leadership development, empower succession planning, aid retention and deepen capacity & capability.

Our mission is to Lead Different!

"What I’ve enjoyed most is being back in a learning environment and getting information that is directly relevant to what I’m doing day to day. My background is very technical, so I wanted to expand my knowledge in the area of finance. Sometimes it can feel like what you are learning is purely theoretical, whereas this is very specific, with worked examples that will apply to going back to the office. The atmosphere in the classroom was very welcoming and positive, and the fact that the room is filled with people from different industries is very helpful as well, as it helps you think about the content from a different perspective."

- Simon Delany - Participant on Finance for Non-Financial Executives 

"There are very few courses where you get more than what you expected in terms of learning and exposure. This course is definitely one of them. It is simply an essential skill that all involved in any form of negotiation should possess.”

- Shahied Daniels, Chief Executive of SA Institute of Professional Accountants. - Participant on Negotiating for Value

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