Professor Laurent Muzellec, along with Trinity Business Adjunct Professors Sebastien Ronteau and Daniel Trabucchi, and Professor Deepak Saxena of the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur have co-authored a book titled Digital Business Models: The New Value Creation and Capture Mechanisms of the 21st Century

Digital Business Models explains the key challenges and characteristics of the various business models that are used by digital businesses. These companies can be a source of inspiration for traditional bricks-and-mortar companies that aim to go digital and/or revamp their traditional business model. Most businesses rely on some form of digital technology for their marketing communication, customer relationship management, supply chain or distribution, yet digital transformation entails a complete reassessment of the way value is created and captured. Digital Business Models details the successful customer acquisition tactics and the development of business ecosystems by digital players. 

The authors and the Trinity Centre for Digital Business & Analytics have made their newly published book open access so that you can download a free digital copy on the De Gruyter website. Hard copies of the book can also be purchased through the website below or Amazon. 

Download a free copy here