Trinity Business School has partnered with Professor Eric Flamholtz to launch the Eric Flamholtz PhD Scholarship on Business Growth and Development.

With the purpose of addressing existing gaps in research output around the subject of managing stages of business growth, the Eric Flamholtz PhD Scholarship will fund a high potential scholar to undertake research into business growth and development. Existing research indicates that less than 5% of business start-ups create more than half of all the jobs created by any cohort of new ventures. The appointed scholar will analyse the economic gains presented by start-ups and deliver research insights on the barriers and enablers of business growth, in order to help businesses to thrive and prosper

Funded by Professor Eric Flamholtz and Trinity Business School, the scholarship offers a fee waiver (worth up to €7,000 to cover EU fees) and a stipend (including teaching fellowship) of €18,000 per annum over a three-year period. Professor Flamholtz has also established a new prize fund for two business growth research and case study papers published in the International Review of Entrepreneurship.

The scholarship recipient will undertake full-time study under the supervision of Professor Andrew Burke, Chair of Business Studies & Dean of Trinity Business School. Some external supervision is also likely to be contributed by Professor Eric Flamholtz.

Professor Flamholtz, Emeritus Professor at UCLA and Visiting Professor at Trinity College Dublin, is a world-renowned thought-leader on the subject of business scaling, and has consulted an array of major companies, such as Disney, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Starbucks and Nike.

With a keen interest in organisational growth, particularly in relation to entrepreneurial firms, Professor Flamholtz’ collaboration with Trinity Business School will provide the successful scholarship applicant with the opportunity to pursue impactful study under the tutelage of world-leading academics at an institution renowned for entrepreneurship.

Reflecting on the partnership, Professor Eric Flamholtz, Emeritus Professor at UCLA and Visiting Professor at Trinity College Dublin said:

“In spite of the importance of entrepreneurial growth and development to economies around the world, the issue of organisational scale up and its related challenges has been a relatively neglected area of research. My perspective on this is as an academic, consultant, and entrepreneur who has dealt with these types of issues for more than 40 years. My objective is to support an ongoing research focus on issues of organisational growth, development, and scale up.”

“In my view, Trinity Business School is the ideal partner for this initiative for several reasons, including the distinguished history and reputation of Trinity College Dublin, the distinguished leadership and faculty of the Trinity Business School, its strategic location in Europe, its mission, values and vision, and its deep commitment to the real-world impact of education and research. In addition, I have long held Dean Andrew Burke in my highest personal and professional regard. We have previously collaborated on a global conference bridging theory and practice in this area. I am truly delighted that Trinity Business School will be the home for the Eric Flamholtz PhD Scholarship on Business Growth and Development under the supervision of Professor Andrew Burke. It is my expectation that this will enable future scholars to make a meaningful difference in research as well as an impact on actual business practice.”

Professor Andrew Burke, Chair of Business Studies & Dean of Trinity Business School, says:

“We are delighted that Professor Flamholtz has chosen Trinity Business School as the home for this scholarship and look forward to his involvement in order to maximise its impact. The importance of business scaling cannot be overstated. There is so much obsession with start-up activity when in fact most new businesses fail – usually at significant personal and financial cost. Among those that survive, only a small minority generate are truly high performers. Therefore, the aim of the scholarship is to enhance our knowledge of the scaling process so that more firms can learn how to grow their business successfully, especially in a sustainable and ethical manner. The successful scholar will not only benefit from the financial support provided by the scholarship but also the much more valuable expert guidance of Professor Flamholtz himself who is arguably the world’s leading professor in this field”.

Click here for information on the Eric Flamholtz Scholarship, including how to apply.

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