One-hour training sessions

The Microsoft Excel, one-hour training sessions are designed to give you an insight into lesser-known features of Excel. These features can help you improve your productivity when it comes to using the software.

There are two different sessions available as part of the training. Each session focuses on a particular learning topic.

Sessions overview

Topics covered:

  • Excel Datasets
    • Resizing columns
    • Moving columns and rows
    • Editing a cell
    • Adding and removing columns
    • Split a cell value into two columns
    • Formula references in a dataset
    • Fill down a formula
    • Format a column 
    • Show formulas in the cells
    • Move around the dataset
    • Highlight rows/columns
    • Using the built-in calculator
    • Reference a dataset
  • Excel Tables
    • Create an Excel table
    • Built-in filtering
    • Filtering on 'Date' data
    • Formulas in an Excel table
    • Adding to the end of the table
    • Add rows and columns in a table
    • FlashFill options
    • Reference an Excel table

Topics covered:

  • Standard Charts
    • Adding a standard chart
    • Recommended charts
    • Recommendations depend on data
    • Normal charts
    • Switch rows and columns
    • Adding to a blank chart
    • Setting the chart title
    • Changing the chart elements
    • Resizing the chart
    • Formatting chart elements
    • Adding charts as a standalone tab
    • Change chart type
    • Adding more data to the chart
  • PivotTables and PivotCharts
    • Standard charts not appropriate
    • Adding a PivotTable and PivotChart
    • Change value field settings
    • Remove totals from PivotTable
    • Remove PivotChart buttons
    • Add or remove chart elements
    • Add data to the table/chart
    • Moving data labels

Each session will give you a demonstration of how to use certain features in Excel.

At the end of the demonstration, there will be a chance for a questions and answers session to recover any of the items discussed.

The sessions are hosted via Blackboard Collaborate.

Upcoming dates and times

Dates for the next sessions will be posted in the coming weeks.