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Junior Academic Progression 2021

Human Resources are pleased to announce the call for Junior Academic Progressions. This call opens on 31st January 2022 and the closing date for applications is 12 noon on 25th March 2022. We have an online application process.

Trinity College Dublin is committed to promoting equality in all aspects of its activity, including progressions, in line with the College Equality Policy. Trinity is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications for progression from all eligible sections of the College community.

All queries relating to the Junior Academic Progressions Round can be made to (for use of e-recruitment system) and (for use of the RSS, and for more technical queries on the process and on sign off/ Head of Discipline/Head of School Report).

See below for information on:

The Policy

The Junior Academic Progressions Policy is available on the HR website.

We encourage you to read through the policy and familiarise yourself with the procedure. If you have any queries relating to Junior Academic Progressions please email

The Two Types of Progression Application

There is one online application process for all categories of applications. Within the online form you can choose the category which applies to your application. Applications are divided into two groups:

Merit Bar Review

Assistant Professors appointed on salary scales or employment contracts which contain a Merit Bar progress in increments annually until they reach the merit bar point. Progression beyond the Merit Bar is considered part of normal career progression, however, the Assistant Professor may not progress beyond the merit bar without successfully passing a review by the Junior Academic Progression Committee. Merit Bar review does not apply to Assistant Professors appointed on Tenure Track contracts.


Assistant Professors who have successfully passed their probationary period and who have reached the merit bar point must present for Merit Bar review in the academic year before they reach this point (for example, an Assistant Professor due to pass the merit bar in October 2019 must present for merit bar review during the academic year 2018/19).

If the Assistant Professor is not successful in this review, they will remain at the merit bar point on the salary scale and will not progress beyond this point until they are successfully reviewed at a later date.

Assistant Professors who do not successfully pass the Merit Bar in the year that they reach this point may present again in any future year, but must at least present again within three years of reaching the Merit Bar. Assistant Professors who have been unsuccessful in their Merit Bar review will receive feedback from the Junior Academic Progression Committee and will work with their Head of School and HR to create a personal development programme to address any areas for development.

Candidates applying for Merit Bar review can apply for accelerated advancement at the same time, however please be aware this does count as an Assistant Professor's only chance to apply for accelerated advancement.

Accelerated Advancement

Progression along the Assistant Professor salary scale normally occurs by way of annual increments to the next salary point, or at other intervals in line with Public Sector pay provisions. Accelerated advancement allows the Assistant Professor to progress by two increments at the next annual increment date, instead of the usual one increment. In very exceptional circumstances, the Junior Academic Progression Committee may award more than two increments.

Accelerated advancement is not considered part of normal career progression. Accelerated advancement may only be awarded following successful review by the Junior Academic Progression Committee. The Committee will only award accelerated advancement where the Assistant Professor's performance is deemed to be outstanding (see point 7 below).


All Assistant Professors who have successfully completed their probationary period may apply for accelerated advancement. However, an Assistant Professor may only apply for Accelerated Advancement once, regardless of the outcome of that application. To maximise their chances of a successful application, Assistant Professors must seek the advice of their Head of School/Head of Discipline when planning the timing of an application for accelerated advancement.

Where the Assistant Professor has a Merit Bar included in their terms of employment, and where the award of accelerated advancement would bring the Assistant Professor beyond the merit bar, the Assistant Professor will still be required to present for Merit Bar review. In this instance, the award of the additional increment(s) will not be implemented until the Assistant Professor has also been successfully reviewed for progression beyond the Merit Bar.

The Online Application Process

There are 3 steps in the online application process:

  • Step 1, the applicant completes their user profile on the MyRSS by using the Promotions CV Wizard to fill out the Junior Academic Progressions Application Form. The applicant outputs their Promotions CV document to Word and completes the section on Teaching and Supervision as well as reviewing the overall content of the application document.
  • Step 2, the applicant downloads the Head of Discipline/Head of School Report templates from the Promotions Webpage or within the e-recruitment system.
  • Step 3, the applicant uploads to e-recruitment their completed promotion application, and Head of Discipline/Head of School Report.

Step 1 – Using the MyRSS Promotions Wizard

My RSS User Guide (pdf 2.4 mb)

Go to MyRSS and login.

To access the Research Support System you must first register. To register for the RSS you can follow the link on the TCD Local page.

  • The Promotions Wizard is accessible to all active RSS users here: or via the RSS Reports Menu.
  • After clicking on the reports section of the RSS Launcher you will be brought to the location where the link to the Promotions Wizard Page can be found.
  • First select Junior Academic Progressions form from the dropdown list and click Save.
  • Then complete each section of the Promotions Wizard by clicking next until you arrive at the final section - Output MyRSS Promotions CV.
  • Save the MyRSS Promotion CV file to your desktop or any other suitable location on your computer for review and completion. When you output the CV to Word from the MyRSS Promotions Wizard, save it as RSS Promotions CV.docx.

For queries about the MyRSS Promotions Wizard or the RSS please email

Step 2 – Download the Head of Discipline/Head of School Report

The next step is to download the Head of Discipline/School Report form that is available here or within the e-recruitment system and ask your Head of Discipline/Head of School to complete.

In order to ensure that no Committee member signs your Head of Discipline/Head of School Report, you should check the list of Committee Members.  Please discuss with the Committee member prior to submitting your application. If a Head of Discipline is on the Committee, a Pro-Head of Discipline will be appointed by the Dean to sign the form. If you believe that a member of staff other than your Head of Discipline may be a more appropriate person to write commentary, please consult with the Secretary to the Junior Academic Progressions Committee Committee members cannot sign this form. An acting arrangement must be put in place for signing of the form.

If a change of signature is required please notify us at

Step 3 – Using e-Recruitment

E-Recruitment User Guide (pdf 1.5 mb)

The final part of the process for applying is via the e-recruitment system at

The Junior Academic Progressions Call will open on 31 January 2022. We recommend early application to avoid system difficulties near the closing date. You can register for e-recruitment in advance of the call.

Please ensure that all elements are completed before uploading and submitting, as once submitted they cannot be changed in any way. Also please note the closing dates.

Please note that you must submit and receive a receipt email (please retain this for your records) to ensure that your application has been included in the promotion call. If you do not receive a confirmation email your application has not been received.

Applications will be uploaded to the system and the Committee will be able to view the applications online.

Information Workshops on the Junior Academic Progression Process

We are delighted to launch the Information Workshops for Applicants intending to apply to the Junior Academic Progressions Call 2021.

These online events will be hosted by the Faculty Dean and Fidelma Haffey, Human Resources - dates to be confirmed.

The purpose of the workshops is to provide information about the application process. These are separate workshops to the IT Clinics.

For further information about the Workshops please email

User Clinics on the 3 step Junior Academic Progressions Process

User Clinics on the 3-Step Junior Academic Progressions Process will be held on:

  • 2:00pm to 4:00pm, 15th February 2022
  • 2:00pm to 4:00pm, 17th February 2022
  • 10:00am to 12:00pm, 24th February 2022

To book yourself in for one of these tutorials please email us at

Stages of the process

Stage 1 - Call for Applications

  • Call for applications - Advertisement Date – 31st January 2022.
  • To apply for progression/accelerated advancement please go to when the competition is open.
  • Applicants must SUBMIT applications by 12 noon, 25th March 2022. No late applications accepted.

Stage 2 - Reviews

Review of Applications - For Merit Bar Review (including Accelerated Advancement) and Accelerated Advancement .

The dates for the proposed interview of candidates in the Merit Bar review category will follow.

Stage 3 - Outcomes

  • Junior academic progressions recommended outcomes (including any accelerated advancement) will be notified electronically to candidates following the conclusion of ALL interviews for candidates.
  • Heads of Schools will be notified of unsuccessful candidates or candidates held for another year.
  • Feedback will be available to all unsuccessful candidates.

Stage 4 - Approval

  • Successful candidates will be recommended to University Council and Board.
  • Following approval by Council and Board candidates will be informed of the timing of their advancement.

Stage 5 – Implementation

Due to the delay in progressions calls it is expected that recommendations arising from this current progression round will have different implementation dates depending on when a candidate reached the Merit Bar.

It is intended that awards will have effect in the year 2021-22. The awards cannot be implemented until Council have approved the recommendations.

The implementation will have 1 cohort of implementation:

  • 1st October 2021 (or thereafter) – For those who have reached or will reach the Merit bar prior to or with effect from the 1st of October 2020, 1st January 2021, 1st April 2021 and 1st July 2021.

Or thereafter means that for each different cohort effectively with the current Haddington Road/Lansdowne Road provisions, there are 4 possible dates for implementation dependent on how many deferred increments you have had previously and your current rate of pay (which determines the length of the deferral).

For information on when you reached the Merit Bar you can contact us by email to

Committee Members

Junior Progressions Committee - Quorum of 5 (excluding Human Resources)

Vice Provost/Chief Academic Officer (Chair)
Dean of FAHSS – Professor Gail McElroy
Dean of FSTEM – Professor Sylvia Draper
Dean of FHS – Professor Brian O'Connell
Senior Lecturer/Dean of Undergraduate Studies – Professor David Shepherd
Dean of Graduate Studies – Professor Martine Smith
A member of the academic staff of the University who is an Assistant Professor above the merit bar - Dr Jason Wyse
A member of the academic staff of the University who is an Associate Professor, Professor In or Professor Of - Professor Philip Coleman
A member of the academic staff of the University (of any academic grade) - Dr Margaret McCann
Secretary: Director of HR (or nominee) - Ms. Fidelma Haffey, Head of Talent

Special Circumstances

What is the Special Circumstances form?

Special circumstances (personal or professional) are considerations which the relevant Review Panels take into account at time of promotions. The process assesses an applicant's merit relative to their opportunity to accrue that merit. If you have Special Circumstances please click on the relevant box on the 'MyRSS CV' or send a separate email to to request a copy of the Special Circumstances form.


A range of personal circumstances may be considered that affected, interrupted or delayed the career path, performance or output of a staff member for a duration of time of their employment with Trinity College Dublin, which the staff member wishes the Review Panel to take into account.

The Special Circumstances may include, but are not limited to, protective leave (for example, maternity, adoptive, parental, paternity or carer's leave); long-term caring responsibilities; illness; inability to travel abroad or to undertake field work; etc. They may be ongoing circumstances or situations of a fixed duration; the applicant is invited to indicate the time period involved.


Accommodation for Special Circumstances may be allocated to an applicant where a prima facie case for Special Circumstances is accepted by the Chair of the Committee and the Secretary to the Committee prior to the first meeting of the Committee. It shall then be incumbent upon the Chair to ensure that the Committee is aware that Special Circumstances apply to an applicant and how they might be appropriately taken into account / their probable impact on the applicant’s application for progression.

Information storage

The information provided will be kept in accordance with the University's records management and data protection as outlined as per Trinity's Data Protection Policy and the University's Privacy Statement.

Please note: this form will only be considered for the review ticked at this time. A new application must be made for each new promotion review to be considered.
Information provided to review panels

Please note: This information will be disclosed only to those involved in the review process and will not be shared with any third party. The information provided is strictly confidential to key HR staff (Staff Performance and Review Team). The information provided will not be discussed with the relevant panel other than the Chair of the Committee. The HR staff member attending the reviews will not give any anecdotal knowledge or nature of the Special Circumstances. The HR Representative will only inform the review panels about the period of time, whether an individual has, or not, met the special additional circumstances (as outlined above) that may have interrupted the career path of the staff member.

Time Limit

HR will take note of the date and time of request from the staff member. This form must be completed and returned to the HR Staff Performance and Review Team prior to the closing date of application for promotion. If not received by this time, your application will not be considered.

Completed Forms

Please return the completed form by e-mail to: By submitting your application electronically, you are declaring that the information you are providing is factually correct.

Please note: the HR Staff Performance and Review Team will not enter any discussion verbally with an applicant. All correspondence will be by e-mail. Confirmation of receipt of your Special Circumstances Form will be sent to the e-mail address you entered on this form within 2 working days.


Frequently Asked Questions

Junior Academic Progressions - Frequently Asked Questions


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