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Deadline dates for receipt of instructions to HR

Monthly Payroll

Pay day 20th of month) College Deadlines for sending pay instructions to HR
February 2024 29th January 2024
March 2024 27th February 2024
April 2024 26th March 2024
May 2024 26th April 2024
June 2024 29th May 2024
July 2024 28th June 2024
August 2024 29th July 2024
September 2024 26th August 2024
October 2024 26th September 2024
November 2024 29th October 2024
December 2024 tbc


Fortnightly Payroll

Schedule, dates and deadlines for Fortnightly Payroll

Casual Payroll

Latest date of receipt by Payroll Services in HR

Date of Payment to Casual Employees

Last working day of each month @ 5:30 p.m.

The last working day of the month

Please note that if there are any changes to these dates all staff will be notified by email.


Payment on the 20th of each month is for that calendar month and paid by direct debit into your bank account.