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New Employees

New Employees or Staff re-joining TCD should ensure they submit their Personal Public Service Number (PPS number) as soon as possible. TCD Payroll will notify Revenue of your start date, this will create a new employment record for you and allow us to receive your most up to date tax information. Alternatively you as an employee can register the details of your new job with Revenue's Jobs and Pensions online service in myAccount – see 'How to register your new job'.

Step 1. Register your new job

Once you start work you must register the details of your new job with Revenue to get your Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN), otherwise your employer will deduct emergency tax on your pay. The Jobs and Pensions service will guide you through the process of registering your details and setting up your new job.

You will need the following details to complete the job registration:

  • your new employer's tax registration number
  • the date you started your new job
  • your staff number if you have been allocated one by your employer - this is also called a personnel, works or payroll number.
  • if you are receiving a benefit from the Department of Social Protection they may ask you for the weekly amount, if it is not already on our record.

You will be asked some questions to help determine your correct tax credits.

After your registration is complete and your job is set up, an RPN will issue notifying both you and your employer of your tax credits and rate band. You will be able to view your RPN on PAYE Anytime (available within my Account) within two working days.

Once your employer has received this notification, he or she can make the correct income tax deductions from your pay.

Step 2. Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN)

A Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN) is an electronic file that contains each employee's tax details for use when processing payroll. It provides the following information: Tax credits, Income tax and USC thresholds. It also contains any previous pay, tax and USC deductions for the current tax year (Jan-Dec) as well as Income tax and USC exemptions and LPT deductions where applicable.

Your employer will receive this RPN directly from Revenue once an employee's start date has been confirmed via an individual's PPS number.

Individuals who do not hold (and require) a PPSN you must first set up a MyGovID account through the Department of Social Protection, and then apply online for their unique PPSN.

  1. Step 1: Set up a MyGovID account and apply for your PPSN online by clicking this link HERE
  2. Step 2: Login to your 'MyRevenue' Account to assign your tax details. Trinity's Employer Registration Number is 0053370i.