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Weekly to Fortnightly Pay Frequency Change

All Employees currently on weekly payroll will transition to fortnightly payroll and Employees will need to prepare for this transition in advance to reduce any impact.

The matter was before the Labour Court on 6th Dec 2021, who issued their findings supporting the move to a fortnightly payroll frequency, which recommended that:

  • The change should happen as early as possible in the next tax year (2022)
  • A transitional loan payment of five days' pay should be made to the staff concerned upon transition.
  • That loan should, following a short transition period, be repaid by means of payroll deduction spread out over the entirety of the tax year.

Further to a most recent update sent on 23rd March 2022, the new timelines for transitioning from weekly to monthly are as follows:

16th Mar 2022
Payroll Week 11;  14/03 to 20/03

Weekly pay including advance salary payment
(if requested & auto opted-in)

24th Mar 2022
Payroll Week 12;  21/03 to 27/03

Final Weekly pay

7th April 2022
Payroll Week 13 & 14;  28/03 to 10/04

First Fortnightly pay

21st April 2022
Payroll Week 15 & 16; 11/04 to 24/04

Second fortnightly pay

5th May 2022
Payroll Week 17 & 18;  25/04 to 08/05

Third fortnightly pay and first repayment date for advance salary payment

19th May 2022
Payroll Week 19 & 20;  09/05 to 22/05

Fourth fortnightly pay and second repayment date for advance salary payment

Final payroll run 2022 Final repayment date for advance salary payment

Schedule, dates and deadlines for Fortnightly Payroll

Communications sent to Employees:

19th January 2022
15th February 2022
Transitional Loan Form
15th March 2022
23rd March 2022

Employee Information Sessions

This is a significant change for impacted Employees and there will be regular updates posted here and communicated to Employees over the transition period.

Accessing payslips

An online portal (CorePortal) is available to all Employees (except Casual Staff) which will give 24/7 access to the following information and facilities:

  • Payslips are available to view online and to print.
  • Facility to update your personal information such as your address and bank account details.
  • A phone app is also available to view and print your Payslip

What do I need to do?

In preparation for the transition of services, please ensure the following is complete:

  • Contact your bank to inform them of any changes impacting your accounts e.g. direct debits.
  • Please note that any deduction already going through payroll will continue to go through payroll. The amount will be automatically changed in line with the fortnightly payroll. if you do wish to make any amendments to your deductions (e.g. credit union payments) please liaise with payroll services team by contacting

Further information can be found on our FAQ page.