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CorePortal Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated 31/08/2017

Logging In to CorePortal

Can I access CorePortal at home?

You can only access CorePortal when connected to the College network. Therefore, unless you have a VPN connection to the College network, CorePortal cannot be accessed at home.

I am trying to log in to CorePortal for the first time but cannot.

Staff members must be assigned a College username and network login password before being able to log in for the first time. If you have been provided with these login credentials and still cannot log in to Core Portal then it is likely that you have forgotten your password, it has expired or you are locked out of your account. In this case you can, if you have signed up for it, use TCD Password Manager to resolve your issue, or you can contact the IT Service Desk in person on the ground floor of Áras an Phiarsaigh.

Also please note that CorePortal is only available over the College network so you will not be able to access it from home or any other location not on the College network.

Can I access CorePortal through a mobile device?

CorePortal is not supported over mobile devices; you should access it via a computer or laptop connected to the College network.

Can I access using TCD wifi?

You can only access CorePortal when connected to the College network, you must be logged into the network with your College username and password. TCDwifi is not the same as the College network.

How can I change the CorePortal password, for example if I have forgotten it?

The password used to access CorePortal is your College network login password. Please refer to the IT Services webpages which have information about your password and how to change it:

I am concerned that my CorePortal account may have been accessed by someone else, what should I do?

Because CorePortal uses your College network login password to access your payslip and banking details, it is more important than ever to keep your password private and secure. If you feel that someone knows your password, you should change it – follow the instructions provided by ITS on:

My Payroll Self Service / My CorePay

I think some payslips are not appearing on my CorePortal account

Please contact HR Service Centre (

I have signed in to CorePortal but cannot see how to access payslips

Most users will see two menus when they open CorePortal: My Payroll Self Service and My Personnel Self Service. Select the “My Payroll Self Service” menu to navigate to your payslips, then click on the “View My Payslip” link in the left hand navigation.


Can I save my payslip?

Yes, you can print to PDF writing software, if it is available on your computer, for example: Adobe Acrobat.

My CorePersonnel Self Service

What date is showing under Date Started in the My Personnel Profile screen?

The “Date Started” shown in the Dates of Importance list shows your original start date. (if you worked in College, left and rejoined, this field will display the original date you joined College)

I have recently married and have changed my surname; how do I change the record?

You cannot change your name using CorePortal. Please fill in and return the Employee Personal Details form (doc 55 kb).

What is the Next of Kin information used for?

HR use the Next of Kin information for your In Case of Emergency contact information. It is important that you keep this information up to date and accurate.

What is the Diversity information used for and who has access to this information?

The Diversity information is provided voluntarily for the purposes of statistical equality monitoring. Trinity College Dublin is committed to supporting an equal opportunities policy for all its staff and potential staff. In order to ensure the effectiveness of this policy, data is collected and monitored in relation to the nine grounds protected by equality legislation: gender, civil status, family status, age, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability or membership of the Traveller Community. For the College Equality Policy see:

The information collected on this screen will be treated confidentially and in compliance with Data Protection legislation.

Equality data in relation to nationality, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, religion and family status is stored separately and securely, with access restricted to nominated personnel (the Equality Officer). This information is not visible on your main HR personnel file.

Data collected in relation to gender, date of birth and civil status is stored on your HR personnel file for HR and pension purposes.

I have clicked on the Edit button to update a record in My Professional Development, but nothing seems to happen; what do I do?

When you select the Edit icon in the All My Continuous Professional Development list, the details will appear above, in the Continuous Professional Development section. You can make your changes here and save them.

When I update my telephone number in the Edit My Personnel Profile screen, or in the My Next of Kin screen, a message appears saying “Please ensure the telephone number is a valid number.”

Please note that the telephone number field only accepts digits. You will see this message if the number you entered contains a space or any other character. Remove any spaces or other characters in the telephone number.

Why is a link not working?

Links that open in a new window (see list below) remain open even after you have logged out of the portal. If you log in again and click on one of these links on the main page the link doesn't work because the screen is open in the background in a separate window.

My Personal Profile
My Dependant Detail
Next of Kin Detail
My Contact Detail
My Diversity Detail

To avoid this, remember to close these windows when you are coming out of them.

My e-Recruitment Self Service / My Competition

Can I view vacancies or apply for jobs through CorePortal?

You can access e-recruitment for internal and external vacancies via

When using My Competitions, how do I find the applicant information?

From the list of Current Jobs, click on the Job ID. This will open the list of job applicants.

Leaving College

I am leaving or have left College - can I delete my CorePortal account?

Your computer account will expire when you leave TCD along with your CorePortal account. For more detail on account expiry see:

Do I keep my CorePortal account after I finish my time in TCD?

Your College computer account will expire when you leave TCD along with your CorePortal access. If you wish to keep old payslips you should print them prior to leaving TCD. Final payslips will be printed and issued to employees.

What is the best way to navigate around My CorePersonnel / CorePortal?


At the top right hand of the CorePortal screen you will always see a navigation toolbar:

CorePortal menu

Click on “Home” at any time to return to your CorePortal home page.

Click on “quick jump” and select CorePersonnel to return to the CorePersonnal page. “Quick Jump” can be used to navigate between the different sections such as Core Pay and Core Personnel.

What services are currently enabled for the CorePortal service?

All staff members on the standard monthly payroll have access to My Payroll Self Service (online payslips) and My Personnel Self Service. Some staff members have access to My e-Recruitment Self Service when they are part of an interview panel.

I am having problems using CorePortal, who do I contact?

If your problem is regarding access to a particular menu or page, or about the way that Core Portal works, contact HR Service Centre (

If your problem relates to the information contained on your payslip, contact HR Service Centre (

If your problem relates to network connectivity, login or password issues, or an internet browser issue, then please contact the IT Service Desk (