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Information for members leaving employment

I am ceasing pensionable employment. What happens to my pension benefits?

Upon ceasing employment, your pension entitlements under the Master Scheme will depend on whether you have completed more or less than the Scheme Vesting Period. The Scheme Vesting Period is precisely two years' of pensionable service. If you have worked two or more full calendar years in a pensionable capacity, even in a part-time capacity, this is still regarded as two years. You will only have a long-term entitlement to a retirement benefit under the Scheme if you have completed at least two calendar years of pensionable service.

Please note that Prior Pensionable Public Service transferred to Trinity College from another Public Service body and/or any additional actuarial service granted from a Private Sector Pension Transfer will count towards the two year Vesting Period.

How can I find out what Pensions Options are available to me?

Once the Pensions Office has been notified by Employee Services that you have ceased pensionable employment with the University, the Pensions Office will notify Mercer. Mercer, in turn, prepares and issues all members with Leaving Service Options within two months of leaving service. This will outline the Options available to you.

You should ensure that Trinity University Human Resources hold an up-to-date home address for you to write to you in relation to your pension entitlements and, if applicable, to forward your P45.

Your home address can be updated via CorePortal. If you do not have access to CorePortal, a form to notify Human Resources of a change of address can be downloaded from the HR website and should then be returned by email to

I have completed more than two years' service in the Scheme. What are my Options?

Mercer will write to you within 2 months of leaving with the details of these benefits.

Option 1 – In general terms, where pensionable service completed is more than two years, members will have a long-term entitlement to a retirement or death benefit from the Scheme. The benefit will be based on your accrued Pensionable Service to, and Pensionable Salary at, your date of leaving. No Added Years are awarded if you cease service prior to Normal Retirement Date.

Option 2 – Alternatively if you are moving to an Approved Organisation elsewhere within the Irish Public Service within 26 weeks of ceasing employment with Trinity College Dublin then you may also look to investigate a potential transfer of your accrued Trinity Pensionable Service.

In the event that you do not receive your Leaving Service Options within two months of leaving service, please make contact with the Pensions Office.