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Adjunct and Honorary Titles

Adjunct Academic Titles

Adjunct academic staff are not appointed on the basis of a competition and, as adjunct academic staff, Trinity College Dublin is not their primary employer. If they are paid it is for a specific purpose in teaching and/or research and on a fee-per-item basis, which may be annualised to a fixed annual salary. Adjunct Professors and Adjunct Associate Professors with sufficient academic experience may act as co-supervisors of research students, subject to the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies. Further information on Adjunct Academic Titles is contained in the document on Academic Titles.

Honorary Professor

The procedures governing the appointment of Honorary Professors are already provided for in Section 2 of Schedule 1 on Titles to the Chapter on Academic Staff in the 2010 Statutes. Honorary Professors are appointed by the Board on the nomination of the University Council. It is a title that the university may give to an especially distinguished academic to associate him or her with the College. An Honorary Professor is not normally a salaried employee of the College. Further information on Honorary Titles is contained in the document on Academic Titles.

Criteria for appointment of Adjunct and Honorary Professors

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor and Adjunct Professor Criteria

Holders of academic posts in other institutions will assume an adjunct title equivalent to that which they hold in their home institution (i.e. their primary employer).

Those not employed in an academic institution (fields of commerce, business, industry, law, public administration, politics, etc.) may be appointed to the rank of:

  1. Adjunct Professor, in which case they will have obtained clearly recognised and verifiable eminence and leadership in their chosen field of expertise.
  2. Adjunct Associate Professor: This title will normally be granted on the basis of applicable criteria at a level similar to those for Associate Professor.
  3. Adjunct Assistant Professor in which case they will have postgraduate qualifications and/or experience to qualify them for the academic role to be assigned to them by the Head of School.
  4. Adjunct Teaching Fellow in which case they will have post-graduate qualifications and/or a high-level of professional expertise.

Honorary Professor Criteria

An Honorary Professor should be an especially distinguished academic. They should be in a position to enhance the work of the nominating Faculty.

Nomination, Appointment and Promotion Procedures

Nomination, appointment, and promotion procedures for Adjunct Titles:

Adjunct Assistant Professor and Adjunct Teaching Fellow who are to be salaried (other than casually paid) for their services will be appointed by way of nomination, via the Faculty Executive Committee, to the University Council by the Faculty Dean; a competitive appointment process and interview are not required.

Unsalaried Adjunct Assistant Professors may be nominated by the Head of School directly to the University Council; a competitive appointment process and interview are not required.

A recommendation to the University Council for recognition of a more senior title i.e. Adjunct Professor or Adjunct Associate Professor may be made by the Senior Promotions Committee on foot of an application from the Head of School via the Faculty Dean, in keeping with the terms of criteria.

Nomination, appointment, and promotion procedures for Honorary Titles:

Applications for Honorary Professorships are made to the Senior Promotions Committee. The appointment is made by the University Council on foot of a nomination received from the Senior Promotions Committee.