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Enhancing Benefits - AVCs and Purchase of Notional Service

It may be possible to enhance your benefits under the Model Scheme via a PRSA AVC or via the purchase of additional service through the Purchase of Notional Service (PNS) Scheme.

Purchase of Notional Service (PNS)

Under Purchase of Notional Service, a scheme member agrees to buy additional service under the Model Scheme by the payment of additional pension contributions every pay period up until their 65th birthday, or by a once-off lump sum payment. You can purchase additional service up to a maximum total service of 40 years. There are a number of restrictions attaching to PNS and a full review of your service must be undertaken before a quote can issue.

The following information must be submitted in writing to the Human Resources Pensions Section to allow a PNS Quotation to be prepared:

  1. Confirmation of your Civil Status and
  • Confirmation that:
  • You hold no Retained Benefits (i.e. a benefit under any other pension arrangement);


  • You do hold Retained Benefits under another specified pension arrangement. If this is the case you should contact the Scheme Administrator of your former Pension Scheme and request updated Leaving Service Options to include a current Transfer Value.


Active members of the Model Pension Scheme may also contribute to a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) scheme. The AVC scheme is more flexible than purchasing notional service in terms of adjusting the contribution amounts or stopping and re-starting your contributions.

Your AVC fund is then used to purchase additional benefits at retirement.

Our Model Scheme AVC PRSA is administered by an intermediary Rockcourt Financial Services who can be contacted on (01) 209 1955 or email

Further details on the AVC PRSA can be found on the Rockcourt Explanatory Leaflet.