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Professional Skills for Research Leaders


Our timetable runs over 6 months, with both face to face and online sessions. You will need to be available to attend all sessions.

Epigeum PSRL Programme Sample Calendar

This calendar represents the general programme.  Please note that following feedback, master classes time will be increased from 1.5 hours to 2 – 2.5 hours per session to give the full benefits, and allow for questions and answers, and further networking opportunities for staff.

For Induction dates and information:

For our General Learning and Development Pages:   

Activity: On-Line Courses

Core Hours

Associated Portfolio Activities


1:00 N/A  
Course 1: Introduction
1:30 6:00 3 weeks to complete
Course 2: Developing and Consolidating your Research Career 2:45 9:45 4 weeks to complete
Course 3: Funding your Research 2:00
4:00 4 weeks to complete
Course 4: Managing a Research Team 3:00 5:45 4 weeks to complete
Course 5: Research Collaboration
2:30 5:00 4 weeks to complete
Feb 5th – Mar 2nd
Course 6: Communicating your Research
3:30 10:15 6 weeks to complete
Mentoring Review Meetings: Participants are encouraged to meet with their mentors approximately 3-4 times over the course of the programme. A reflective learning log of each mentoring session is also encouraged. Approx. 30 minutes each N/A Ongoing

Activity: PSRL Masterclasses (optional – but attendance strongly encouraged)

Core Hours

Induction: Introducing PSRL 1 hr

Masterclass 1: The higher education context
Delivered by Doris Alexander & Fiona Killard, TR&I

1-1.5 hrs

Masterclass 2: Career Planning
Delivered by Careers Advisory Service

1-1.5 hrs

Masterclass 3: Funding your research
Delivered by Camilla Kelly, TR&I

1-1.5 hrs

Masterclass 4: Managing a research team
Delivered by Ronán MacDermott, Learning & Development Manager

1-1.5 hrs

Masterclass 5: Collaborating with other partners
Delivered by Declan Weldon

2 hrs

Masterclass 6: Increasing your public profile & communicating your research
Delivered by Niamh Brennan, Library

1-1.5 hrs

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