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The Dean should lead the short listing process for Professors and Associate Professors but may devolve this responsibility to the nominated Chair, or hiring lead, for Assistant Professors.

The Chief Officer will lead the short listing for senior administrative appointments in the Division or may devolve to the Chair, or hiring lead, in the case of administrative appointments.

All members of the selection committee must be invited to participate in the short listing process to:

  • Ensure that fair and transparent decisions are reached
  • Establish a number of quality candidates.

In the absence of all members of the selection committee being available to participate in the shortlisting process, then, at a minimum, the Head of School, Head of Discipline and External Assessor who are members of the selection committee, must be involved in the shortlisting process. A complete and accurate record of the Committee’s short listing decisions will be required to support the University’s Equal Opportunity Policy and for the purposes of satisfying feedback and Freedom of Information requests. To facilitate this process Human Resources circulates a short listing spreadsheet with the applications to the Hiring Lead. The most highly ranked candidates shall be called for interview and the number called for interview should ideally reflect an applicant to appointment ratio of 5:1 (e.g. average of five candidates per position), for reasons of fairness and equity.

For academic appointments, if 5 candidates are shortlisted then the process must take place over two days with presentation on one day and interview following on day two. For Administrative appointments a maximum of 5 candidates may only be interviewed in one day.

Where a third party such as a specialist recruitment consultancy is responsible for generating candidates, the University must follow its appointment procedures thereafter. Under Freedom of Information legislation, the records of any agency providing such a service to the Unviersity are subject to release.