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Feedback for Performance

Our Aim in HR is to assist staff and managers in their performance management conversations. The main purpose of performance management conversations is to strengthen and develop our accomplishments and both individual and group engagement.

We plan to provide this support by developing a framework for feedback conversations. We have already started this process through developing our Probation Policy and our online probation forms. Ultimately we aim to have an IT system and a comprehensive policy to support these conversations on an ongoing basis. We are currently piloting Simitive as an online tool.

These webpages are to support those participating in our Pilot Feedback for Performance Programme. By clicking on the boxes below you will find all the information you need to kickstart the process in your area.

We know managers already have performance conversations with their staff, and we aim to help this process by providing training, structure and information to empower both managers and staff to have clear structured conversation that benefit both the employee, and the University.

Staff and Managers in all areas should continue to have their regular review conversations, and HR will contact those in the pilot groups separately.

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