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Human Resources for Research Staff

Welcome to the Human Resources Research Staff home page.

As staff of Trinity College Dublin, Researchers are welcome to access all our policies, schemes and programmes (subject to normal eligibility criteria). We invite you to look through our webpages.

Some items which may be of particular interest to you:

  • The Research Supervisors Development Programme is jointly hosted and developed by the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies, Trinity College Dublin; Academic Practice (CAPSL); and Graduate Studies, University College Dublin. 

These workshops are aimed at research supervisors new to their role, from across the disciplines, as well as more experienced supervisors who wish to share and expand their knowledge and experience. The aim of the programme is to prepare and support research staff in their roles as supervisors. It clarifies key institutional regulations and practices, and highlights the changing role of universities and supervisors in the area of graduate supervision. It discusses roles, expectations and responsibilities of the research supervisor, and acknowledges the challenges of research supervision and the accompanying examination process.

We would like to draw your attention to the workshops taking place in February and March in Trinity. 

  • Wednesday 19th February, 2020 – Supervision Challenges in an Open Scholarship era  - Global Room, Trinity - 2-4.30pm
  • Tuesday 21st April, 2020 – Best Practice in Supervision Training (Prof David Bogle, Head of Graduate School and Pro-Provost, UCL) - Global Room, Trinity - 2-4pm*

*Revised from previous date

Please register online at 

  • Researcher Information Booklet
  • Epigeum Research Integrity Training: Trinity has access to this internationally recognised integrity training for researchers at all career stages and interested staff. For more information contact Jennifer Daly in the Research Office (
  • Training and Development Resource - LinkedIn Learning is available to all research staff: Log On and Learn at
  • Research Manager Seminar Series - Open to all Research Managers. This series encompasses HR Topics including: managing absenteeism, managing grievances and complaints, courageous conversations.  Queries to
  • Induction – All Research staff are invited to attend our general induction programmes. More information can be found at staff induction webpage.
  • HR Learning Catalogue and Wellbeing Talks - All elements of our learning and development programme are open to Research staff (with some exceptions for specific technical/skill courses). More information can be found at in-house programmes webpage.
  • YourHR Events - Open to all our Research staff (note some specific seminars are run around individual pension schemes).
  • Online ResourceVitae - An online learning resource for Research Staff on everything to do with research - grants, applications, proposals etc.
  • Payslips, P60s – to access your payslips and P60s, go online to our portal and view / print them off.
  • Professional Skills for Research Leaders – This is a blended learning programme for early career Research Leaders and early Academics. All enquiries to Learning and Organisation Development Specialist, This will be run again in 2020.
  • The TBSI Post Doc Society Career Symposium for Research Fellows will be held on 5th March 2020.   Please see the webpage for details. The aim of the symposium is to provide information and practical guidance to post-doctoral research staff, Ph.D. and undergraduate students in terms of potential career options that are available to them (both within and outside of academia) and ways in which they can develop their career prospects.