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Personal Circumstances

Personal Circumstances are considerations which the Junior Academic Progression Committee take into account at the time of Final Tenure Review. The process assesses a candidate’s merit relative to their opportunity to accrue that merit.

The Personal Circumstances form can be found here.


A range of personal circumstances may be considered that have affected, interrupted or delayed the career path, performance or output of a staff member during their employment with the University, which the staff member wishes the Junior Academic Progression Committee to take into account.

This form must be used by all candidates who wish their Personal Circumstances to be taken into account at the time of a Final Tenure Review application.

The Personal Circumstances may include but are not limited to protective leave (for example, maternity, adoptive, parental, paternity or carers’ leave); long-term caring responsibilities; illness; inability to travel abroad or to undertake field work; etc. They may be ongoing circumstances or situations of a fixed duration; the candidate is invited to indicate the time period involved.


Accommodation for Personal Circumstances may be allocated to a candidate where a prima facie case for Personal Circumstances is accepted by the Chair of the Junior Academic Progression Committee and the Secretary to the Committee prior to the meeting of the Committee. It shall then be incumbent upon the Chair of the Junior Academic Progressions Committee to ensure that the Committee are aware that Personal Circumstances apply to a candidate and how they might be appropriately taken into account / their probable impact on the candidate's application.

Information storage

The information provided shall be kept in accordance with Trinity's Data Protection Policy and Privacy Statement.

The information provided shall only be considered for the review process indicated at this time and for no other purpose.

Information provided by a candidate on their Personal Circumstances to the Junior Academic Progression Committee is strictly confidential and shall be disclosed only to the Committee Secretary and the Chair of Committee, as required. The information shall not be shared with any third party and shall not form part of the applicant documentation sent to an external referee.

The Chair shall indicate to the Committee the probable impact of the Personal Circumstances on the candidate’s application for final tenure review without disclosing their specific nature.

Time Limit and Completed Forms

Please return the completed form to the Secretary of the Junior Academic Progression Committee by e-mail to: prior to the deadline for submission of application for final tenure review. By submitting your application electronically, you are declaring that the information you are providing is factually correct.

Please note: 
Confirmation of receipt of your Personal Circumstances Form from the Committee Secretary shall be sent to the e-mail address you entered on this form within 2 working days.
If you have concerns about disclosing details of your personal circumstances because of its sensitive nature, please contact the Secretary to the Junior Academic Progression Committee.