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Employee Services

The main activities and responsibilities of the Employee Services section of the Human Resources Department are:

  • Establish new staff on Payroll/Personnel system.
  • Terminate Payroll/Personnel record when staff leave
  • Payment of stipends to Postgraduate students
  • Calculation and implementation of HEA approved salary/wage agreements
  • Processing of standard annual increments
  • Processing of additional increments and promotions when approved by the relevant review committee
  • Provision of statements of income and completion of Bank, Building Society and Social Welfare forms
  • Maintenance of staff computerised personnel records which in turn facilitate the production of staff I.D. cards and population of the Peoplefinder on the College website.
  • Personnel file management


The deadline for receipt of instructions/information relating to the fortnightly and monthly payrolls are:

Monthly payroll deadlines

Pay Day (20th of month)

College Deadline for sending pay instructions to Employee Services


Tuesday 30th May 2023

July Friday 30th June 2023
August Friday 28th July 2023
September Wednesday 30th August 2023
October Friday 29th September 2023
November Friday 27th October 2023
December to be confirmed

Fortnightly payroll deadlines


Important note:

Please note all Monthly paid Employees are paid on the 20th of each month for the Calendar Month they are working i.e. you are paid on 20th May for the dates 1st – 31st May. If you commenced your employment after 10th of the Month you will be paid on the 20th of the following month plus any arrears for the previous month you worked.

When you leave TCD you will receive your final pay on 20th of the month you are ceasing employment for any days you worked that Calendar Month i.e. if your last day of employment is 31st May you would have been paid on 20th May for the date 1st – 31st May and you will not receive any further payments from TCD in June.  Please ensure you Manager has gone through and completed the Leave form with you and this form is submitted to Human Resources in advance of you leaving to avoid any overpayments. Your Manager will also go through any outstanding Annual Leave days you are entitled to and advise HR for processing along with your final pay.

Please see listed below emails in HR to send your Instructions

Instructions including New Hires, Nomination Forms, Pay changes & Leavers are emailed to;:

Professional, Admin, Support, Technical
Student Stipends
Monthly Payroll Loaders