How to change your password (staff)

Why do I need to change my password?

Passwords are often broken, stolen or cracked without the knowledge of the victim. For instance, this can happen as a result of a phishing email or through malware.
Very often stolen passwords are not used immediately. If you change your password regularly, even if your password is somehow stolen, the thief does not have the opportunity to use it.

For security reasons, staff must change their password every 180 days. An automatic email notification will be sent from IT Services 14-16 days in advance of password expiry.

You can use methods listed below to change your network login password.

Network login password reset methods

1: Using Trinity Password Manager

Password Manager is a web-based service that Trinity staff use to change their password. You can use it from anywhere with internet access.
All staff can use this to change a password, prior to expiry. However if you want to use the other features of Password Manager to unlock your account or remember a forgotten password you must register with the service.

Login to Password Manager

Have questions about the Trinity Password Manager service?, you can find answers here - Password Manager overview

2: Using a computer connected to domain

It is very easy to reset network login password using a Windows computer connected to the domain. To reset your password using a computer connected to domain:

  1. On the keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  2. Click Change a password.
  3. Type the old password, then the new password and confirm it.

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