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How to change your password (staff)

Why do I need to change my password?

Passwords are often broken, stolen or cracked without the knowledge of the victim. For instance, this can happen as a result of a phishing email or through malware.

Very often stolen passwords are not used immediately. If you change your password regularly, even if your password is somehow stolen, the thief does not have the opportunity to use it.

For security reasons, staff must change their password every 180 days. An automatic email notification will be sent from IT Services 14-16 days in advance of password expiry.

You can use methods listed below to change your network login password.

Network login password reset methods

1: Using Trinity Password Manager

Password Manager is a web-based service that Trinity staff use to change their password. You can use it from anywhere with internet access.

All staff can use this to change a password, prior to expiry. However if you want to use the other features of Password Manager to unlock your account or remember a forgotten password you must register with the service.

Login to Password Manager

Have questions about the Trinity Password Manager service?, you can find answers here - Password Manager overview

2: Using a computer connected to domain

It is very easy to reset your network login password using a Windows computer connected to the domain. If you are working remotely please connect with VPN to use this password change method. To reset your password using a computer connected to domain:

  1. On the keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  2. Click Change a password.
  3. Type the old password, then the new password and confirm it.

3: Using Office 365 Self-Service Password Reset

Change your password if you know it

  1. Browse to
  2. If you have not signed into before in this web browser then you will need to enter your email address (, click Next, and then enter your password and choose Sign in. If you have signed into before in this web browser, then you will most likely be able to select your email address from a list, and then enter your password. If you are connecting from outside College you will most likely have to complete two-step sign-in using the code sent to your phone, or via the Authenticator app, for example.
  3. Once you have signed in, click on the Settings icon on the top right.
  4. Under Password, click on Change your password.
  5. Enter your old password, create a new password, confirm it and click Submit to change your password.

Visit Microsoft's website for further information on how to change your password with Office 365.

Change your password if you have forgotten it

  1. Browse to
  2. Select your email address from the list, or else enter it under ‘Sign in’, and then on the ‘Enter password’ screen choose 'Forgot my password'.

    Sign in window

  3. Enter your email address under User ID, then enter the text for the Captcha underneath (you can also choose to have this played back as audio). Hit Next.

    My account window

  4. Choose ‘I forgot my password’ and hit Next.

  5. Complete the verification steps – for example, you may choose to have a text sent to the mobile phone number you have already registered for two-step sign-in – you will need to re-enter this mobile number, and then you will need to enter the code sent in the text to that phone. Depending on how two-step sign-in has been setup for you, you may have alternative options in the left column for completing the verification steps, as shown below.

  6. Once you have completed the verification steps, enter the new password twice and click Finish. When setting your new password, please be aware of the password requirements - these are listed under ‘Set a secure password’ on our Staff Account Information page.

  7. You can then click the link provided in order to login with your new password.

  8. You will get an email confirmation of your password change.

  9. You should restart your PC, or else lock it and unlock it with your new password to update your credentials on your computer.

Unlock your account with Office 365

If your account is locked out, you can use the O365 Self Service Password Reset tool to unlock your account.

  1. In a web browser, visit
  2. You will be prompted to enter your Trinity email address in the User ID field and then enter the displayed characters in the Captcha field below. Click Next.
  3. Select 'I know my password, but still can't sign in' and click Next.
  4. Select 'Text my mobile phone' or 'Call my mobile phone' (whichever is your preference) and enter the mobile phone number that you have registered for two-step sign-in with your account..
  5. You will then be sent a verification code to your mobile. Enter the verification code and click Next.
  6. You will receive the message 'Your account has been unlocked' to confirm your account has been successfully unlocked.

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