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People XD Mobile App - Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated 11 January 2023

What is the PeopleXD Mobile App?

The PeopleXD Mobile App is an app that runs on smart phones and enables staff to see some of their personal details and view/print their pay slips.

Is the PeopleXD Mobile App the same as the CoreHR Mobile App?

Yes, PeopleXD is simply the new name for CoreHR.

Where can I get the PeopleXD Mobile App for my mobile phone?

Android users will find the app using Google Play, iPhone users will find their version of the app on the App Store. In either case, search for "PeopleXD" to find the app.

How do I log on to the PeopleXD Mobile App?

Type "TRP" into the first blank field on the app (do not enter your email address here). The app will redirect you to a web page and you will be able to enter your tcd email address and password. You will then be redirected back to the app and will see the app home screen.

What can I do using the People XD Mobile App?

At present, the sole purpose of the app is to view and print your pay slip. Other functions may be added at a later date.

How do I see my pay slip using the app?

Click on the three bars icon in the corner of the screen and then click on "Payslips". You will see some of the details from your most recent pay slip and touching the clock icon will show you a full list of all pay slips. Select the pay slip you are interested in to see the detail. You will see icons along the bottom of the screen that will bring up different pieces of information, e.g. deductions, earnings and so on.

How do I print my pay slip?

Open the pay slip that you wish to print, then click the blue arrow icon in the bottom right hand corner. This will bring up options to print or share your pay slip. The options seen here will depend on how your phone is configured.

I am having problems logging on to the PeopleXD Mobile App using an Android phone, what can I do?

Change the default browser on your phone. This problem has been noticed particularly with phones that have Samsung Internet set as the default browser, and we recommend using Chrome as the default browser. Full instructions are available in the User Guide.

I am having problems using the PeopleXD Mobile App on an iPhone, are all iPhones supported?

No, the app will not work on some older iPhones. The iPhone 6 has a particular performance problem and the app is not supported on that version of the phone.

Is there a more detailed user guide available?

Yes, there is a user guide here:

Who do I contact if I am still experiencing problems using the PeopleXD Mobile App?

Please contact the HR Service Centre ( / 01 896 3333)