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The Policy

The policy is set out in the Appeals Policy document.

The Application Form

The application form is available here.

Administration of the Process

The Process is managed and administered by the Registrar.

The Process

The Process for appealing is

Step 1- Review application and policy and decide on reason for appeal.

Step 2 - Seek endorsement of appeal as appropriate/set out in the policy.

Step 3 - Submit the appeal (on the form) to the Chair of the Ad Hoc Appeals Committee by email to   – please be aware of timelines, no exceptions will be made. Include all relevant paperwork, and your original application for progression from AO3 to AO2.

Step 4 - The Ad Hoc Appeals Committee will review and assess your appeal and

Step 4a - If required the Ad Hoc Appeals Committee may wish to consult with you (the Appellant), Head of School/Area/Line Manager(s), and/or the relevant Review Committee.

Step 5 – Outcome/Decision – the Ad Hoc Appeals Committee will communicate their decision to you in writing and will report to the Board.

Arrangements & Timeline

Appeals must be submitted by email using the required form no later than date to be confirmed. No exceptions will be made. Appeals should be sent to

The Appeals Webpage will be updated when we receive confirmation of the date(s) of the meeting(s) of the Ad Hoc Appeals Committee.


If a claim is upheld it will be referred back to the original Review Committee for review. The Decision of the Ad Hoc Appeals Committee is final.

Committee Membership

A single Ad Hoc Appeals Committee will be established by the Board to hear appeals.

The membership of the Ad Hoc Appeals Committee shall be:

  • Registrar (Chair)
  • Two members to be proposed to the Board by the Chair
  • Secretary: to be appointed by the Chair

No person may be a member of the Ad Hoc Appeals Committee who is currently a member of any of the Review Committees under Appeal.