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Frequently Asked Questions

Occasional Staff and Casual Payroll Eligibility to Work

Last Updated 08/10/2021

Who needs permission to work in Ireland?

Every non-EEA national requires permission to work in Ireland, unless exempt from such requirement.

Permission to work in Ireland comes in the form of Employment Permit and/or Immigration Stamps.

How to identify eligibility and conditions of each Stamp?

To establish what are the eligibility and conditions of each Immigration Stamp, please click here

Can an Employment Permit be sought on behalf of an occasional/casual staff?

Due to the nature and duration of occasional/casual work, Employment Permits cannot be sought by TCD, therefore the candidate must hold an appropriate Immigration Stamp that allows them to take up the post on the proposed terms (i.e.: full-time, part-time).

How many hours per week can the non-EEA work based on a Stamp?

Stamps have different restrictions when it comes to hours worked per week. Please check the link above for the conditions of each Stamp.

Can a non-EEA national remain in work after their Stamp expired?

No. Their eligibility to work ceases on the expiry date of their Stamp. Continuation of employment beyond that date is subject to the provision of a renewed and relevant Stamp by the non-EEA national.