Chemistry with Biosciences: Chemical Sciences

4 Years Full-Time
CAO Points 532 (2023)
CAO Code TR061


What is Chemistry with Biosciences?

Chemistry with Biosciences is designed to produce graduates who are prepared to work at the interface of chemistry and biology, addressing global issues in chemical and life science such as drug development and safety, biomedicine, biotechnology and clinical operations.

Graduate skills and career opportunities

As with graduates in other branches of chemistry, the skills acquired during this course will make you highly attractive to employers in a wide variety of areas. Graduates can contribute to research developments across the healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and the food processing sectors. This degree will also prepare you to work in education, science communication, business, data analysis and administration.

Our Chemistry with Biosciences degree would serve as an excellent primary degree for a graduate course in health science such as medicine or physiotherapy. Our graduates can also pursue postgraduate degrees either in the School of Chemistry or in other world-class research institutions.

Your degree and what you’ll study

You will study foundation courses in Chemistry, Biology, Maths and foundation Physics in the first two years.

Third and fourth year

In third year, the course will branch off into relevant Chemistry and Biology modules allowing you to develop a unique perspective on issues directly affecting chemical and bioscience research.

Your third and fourth year modules will cover core chemistry principles in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry as well relevant modules in biology and biochemistry.

  • From Organisms to Ecosystems.
  • Genomes,  Disease and Diversity.
  • Microbes, Immune System and their Interaction.
  • Molecular Basis of Disease.
  • Introduction to Immuno/metabolism.
  • Nucleic Acids.

Lectures are complemented by laboratory experiments, where you will gain experience in more sophisticated preparative chemical and biological techniques.

Practical work in the final year will consist of a Capstone project. This may be carried out either in Trinity under the supervision of a member of staff, in a chemistry department at an overseas university, or in a commercial laboratory.

Study abroad and internship opportunities

The School of Chemistry has exchange agreements with a large number of universities and research institutions where Chemistry with Biosciences students carry out their final year Capstone research projects from September to December. To date, arrangements have been made for students in European universities such as Regensburg, Madrid, Liverpool, Copenhagen, Montpellier and Bologna. Study further afield in Canada and the USA is also possible.

Study Chemical Sciences at Trinity College Dublin

The TR061 Chemical Sciences degree programme is the new entry pathway to the study of Chemistry, Nanoscience, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry with Biosciences and Chemistry with Molecular Modelling at Trinity College Dublin.

Course Details

CAO Information

CAO Points 532 (2023) CAO Code TR061
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Course Options

Students who wish to study Chemistry with Biosciences apply to TR061 Chemical Sciences and at the end of second year may select Chemistry with Biosciences as their specialist area for their third and fourth year.

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Admission Requirements

Leaving Certificate:

H6 or O4 Mathematics

H4 two of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics/Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Applied Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Computer Science.


Grade B/6 Mathematics

Advanced GCE (A Level):

Grade C in two of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics/Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Applied Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Computer Science.

International Baccalaureate:

SL Grade 5 Mathematics

HL Grade 5 in two of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics/Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Applied Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Computer Science.

Certain combinations are not permitted, including: Physics/Chemistry with Physics or Chemistry, Agricultural Science with Biology, Applied Mathematics with Mathematics.

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