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“The most effective leaders are all alike in one crucial way: They all have a high degree of what has come to be known as emotional intelligence.” – Daniel Goleman

In a world of constant change, where agility is required of our organisations and of ourselves, Emotional Intelligence can be the key difference between struggling and thriving. Emotional Intelligence (otherwise known as Emotional Quotient or EQ) can be defined as the ability to recognise and manage our own emotions and recognise and influence the emotions of others.

Research shows that when IQ and technical skills are similar, Emotional Intelligence accounts for 90% of what makes people move up the success ladder (Harvard Business Review, January 2004).

Being a successful leader requires us to be self-aware. This means having the ability to recognise our emotions and the effect they have on us, our team and our team’s performance.

This Masterclass will help you to understand and develop your Emotional Intelligence. It will help you recognise your strengths and weaknesses, as well as increasing your self-awareness about your own preferences, values and biases. It will provide you with tools to increase your resilience, supporting you to cope with more emotionally challenging situations at work. You will gain an understanding of the importance of empathy in developing social awareness and navigating more difficult interpersonal dynamics like conflict and relationship repair.

The programme is offered in two formats:

  • Taster Session
  • Masterclass

The Taster Session and the Masterclass are designed and delivered independently.

The Taster Session is designed to introduce you to the topic of Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts relationships and performance. It provides a unique opportunity to sample the material, ask questions and meet those involved in developing and delivering the Masterclass.

The Masterclass provides a comprehensive understanding of Emotional Intelligence and its impact on individuals, teams and relationships.

Completion of the Taster Session is not a pre-requisite for Masterclass participation.

What topics will you cover?

Taster Session (1 x 1-hour online workshop)

  • Self-awareness: Explore your preferences and the variation in preferences across different groups and how these can impact performance.
  • Response to change: Explore how your own and other people’s preferences might change during challenging periods and learn how to minimise discomfort.

The Taster Session aims to provide you with:

  • An understanding of what Emotional Intelligence is and why it matters;
  • The skills to use Emotional Intelligence to help yourself and others perform better in challenging times.

On completion of the Taster Session a Certificate of Attendance will be provided.

Masterclass (2 x 3-hour online workshops)

Workshop 1: Me at My Best

  • Self-awareness – preferences, values and emotions;
  • Self-management – resilience, peak performance, balance.

Workshop 2: My Team and Relationships

  • Relationship management – praise, motivation, difficult dynamics, conflict navigation and repair;
  • Social awareness – empathy, passive resistance, response to change (SCARF model)
    • Status: our relative importance to others
    • Certainty: our ability to predict the future
    • Autonomy: our sense of control over events
    • Relatedness: how safe we feel with others
    • Fairness: how fair we perceive the exchanges between people to be.

On completion of the Masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Understand how Emotional Intelligence is developed;
  • Develop effective communication and influencing strategies;
  • Build effective working relationships by tuning into your emotional strengths and needs and helping others do the same;
  • Apply the tools and strategies of Emotional Intelligence to help yourself and others through change and uncertainty.

On completion of the Masterclass a Certificate of Completion will be provided.

Who is this Masterclass for?

The Taster Session and Masterclass are designed for leaders and emerging leaders who would like to learn how Emotional Intelligence can improve their own performance and that of their team

Time, Date, and Place

Taster Session: One 1-hour interactive online live webinar.

Masterclass: One 3-hour interactive online live webinar.

Attendees should have a computer with microphone and video capability, and are expected to participate in these interactive sessions.

Course Fees

For more information, contact the Tangent team at tangentcourses@tcd.ie


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