Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy and People - Micro-credential

6 weeks
40 Places


This course qualifies for a 50% subsidy under the HCI Fees Subsidy. Please refer to the fees section for details and eligibility criteria.

Who is this Micro-credential for?  

• This micro-credential will be relevant to those interested in understanding and promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in work and society. This will include professionals or aspiring professionals in civil society groups and/or public social service sectors with an interest in under-represented or socially excluded groups. 

• In addition, the micro-credential will be of interest to professionals in private enterprise, including HR professionals and those in Corporate Social Responsibility roles who are driving positive cultural change within their organisation through the development and implementation of EDI policies.

Why should I take this Micro-credential?  

• The overarching aim of this micro-credential is that learners, on completing the learning content, will apply their learning and understanding in their workplaces, organisations and their communities, to support and promote EDI principles, constructs, and policy outcomes.

When can I start this Micro-credential?  

• There is one intake per year in November

What do I need to be accepted onto this Micro-credential? 

• Academic Entry Requirement: Minimum Level 8 Degree

or alternatively

• Career Experience Entry Requirement: Three years’ experience in a profession concerned with an EDI context: public, private, or voluntary sector. This experience should amount to a minimum of three years in the role/ or sector (C.V to be uploaded with application detailing employment history)

• Prerequisite documents required - CV and University Transcripts/Degree parchment where applicable

What will I learn? 

On successful completion of this micro-credential, learners will be able to: 

1. Systematically understand how social policy constructs and recognises the risks and needs of a variety of social groups. 

2. Critically interrogate how/if social policy contributes and promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion for all in society across a variety of policy domains, and relevant to the learner’s field of interest. 

3. Debate, using the knowledge and insights garnered from engagement with micro-credential materials, the underpinning purpose, delivery, and outcomes of policy measures in the context of the lives of the groups of people they were intended to benefit. 

4. Evaluate current and possible alternative policies, grounded in reflective analysis, self-directed learning and marshalling of literature and empirical evidence, in the Irish social policy context. 

5. Apply their critical and reflective learning, to their area of interest and orientate their learning to their role or sector, to formulate and outline an innovative policy proposal to promote the best interests and needs of a societal group of their choosing.

What will I do? 

• This micro-credential will engage learners in an introductory understanding of, and critical engagement with, the area of social policy and equality, diversity, and inclusion infrastructure in the Irish context. 
• As this micro-credentials is a Level 9 (postgraduate) qualification it is academically rigorous and independent reading and study will be required (totalling 125 study hours).
• Learners will explore how social policy is constructed; and constructs, intersects, understands, and addresses the needs (or not) of diverse social groups through the lens of equality, diversity, and inclusion: through a critical interrogation with empirical evidence, policy document analysis, advocacy ‘voices ‘and experiential/ observational critical reflection with the Irish EDI infrastructure and policy landscape and beyond.

How will this Micro-credential be delivered? 

This micro-credential will be delivered fully online with live  tutorial classes taking place 1 evening per week.

The Micro-credential will include:
- Live synchronous interactive tutorial classes.
- Asynchronous engagement with materials: pre-recorded lectures, readings, recorded videos, podcasts.
- Independent study and reflexive learning available online including assessment preparation, support guides, teaching and learning articles, and pertinent information.
- Peer discussions online as a form of support throughout the course.

How is this Micro-credential assessed? 

There are two methods of assessment: 
• Weekly Blogs ( 20%) 
• Final written assessment (80%)


Course Details



Number of Places

40 Places

Next Intake


Course Coordinator

Emma Quill - Quill.emma@tcd.ie



Course Director

Dr. Catherine Elliott O’Dare

Closing Date

14th October

students working in library/>

Admission Requirements

• Level 8 Degree and up-to-date CV

•  As part of the supplementary application documentation, applicants are invited to upload a brief written summary on why they are interested in taking this micro-credential and what they hope to achieve from it.


Course Fees

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HCI Fees Subsidy - Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria may qualify for a 50% fee subsidy, subject to the availability of subsidized places. For eligibility details, please refer to the Eligibility Criteria - https://www.tcd.ie/courses/microcredentials/hci-eligibility/

Subsidised Course fee for eligible candidates applying for micro-credential "Equality Diversity and Inclusion Policy and People" in academic year 2024/25 will be 255 euro.


Get in Touch

Telephone Number

00353 (1) 896 2001

General Enquiries: micro-credentials@tcd.ie

Course Coordinator: Emma Quill - Quill.emma@tcd.ie

Course Director: Catherine Elliott O’ Dare - elliot@tcd.ie

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