Introduction to Intercultural Communication for the Global Workplace



This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) was designed by the Trinity Centre for Global Intercultural Communication and will be delivered online over 6 weeks in March 2023. Course dates are Thursday 16th March to Thursday 20th April 2023. Timings are 18.00 to 20.00.

This CPD will provides participants with novel perspectives and methods for successful intercultural collaboration, inclusive management and effective communications across cultures.

This course has an applied focus - it will illustrate perspectives and methods through real case studies and will enable participants to apply newly developed skills to their own work and contexts.

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to integrate equality, equity, diversity and inclusion perspectives into their work in order to assess and enhance the intercultural performance of their projects, and to design an intercultural communication strategy.

Skills provided:

  • Intercultural communication skills
  • Ethical decision-making abilities
  • Localisation skills
  • Multiplatform storytelling skills

Who is this course for?

People working in organisations and entrepreneurial projects with a culturally diverse staff and/or targeting global markets. Distance and international participants are welcome.

The intercultural competences and specific skills provided by the CPD will support the performance of employees, leaders and entrepreneurs across all sectors, from manufacturing and services to the creative industries.

What topics will you cover?

The 6 weeks of the course are organised in 3 parts:

Part 1. The first two weeks of this CPD will introduce relevant perspectives on cultural diversity and methods of localisation and multimedia storytelling for intercultural communication. The facilitators will use case studies to illustrate challenges and opportunities in the global workplace.

Part 2. On weeks three and four participants will have the opportunity of seeing how these perspectives and methods work on the ground through the analysis of empirical evidence and case studies from diverse African and Latin American countries that are key partners for Irish organisations and entrepreneurs.

Part 3. During the last two weeks of the course, participants will assess intercultural practices both at the individual level and in the workplace and they will design an intercultural communication strategy.

Who teaches the course?

You will benefit from the guidance of two Trinity College Dublin lecturers with extensive practical experience:

Dr Théophile Munyangeyo

Assistant Professor, Centre for Global Intercultural Communications and Department of French, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies, Trinity College, University of Dublin.

Dr Théophile Munyangeyo has worked in higher education in Francophone and Anglophone countries in Africa. In European universities, he has extensively taught communication theories and cross-cultural communication course.

He has led research and enterprise groups, coordinated academic partnerships and Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) projects funded by national and international public bodies and private agencies.

He has a wealth of knowledge and evidence-based practice to draw upon within the industry and the global engagement pursuit.

Dr Yairen Jerez Columbié

Assistant Professor, Centre for Global Intercultural Communications and Department of Hispanic Studies, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies, Trinity College, University of Dublin.

Dr Jerez Columbié has experience in mass media, cultural entrepreneurship and higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe.

She has led multidisciplinary teams and interdisciplinary research funded by national and European bodies.

Her work has facilitated intersectoral collaborations and co-design processes with industry stakeholders and policymakers from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.

How is the course delivered?

The CPD will be delivered online. It will combine Thursday evenings (18.00 to 20.00) live-streamed sessions, pre-recorded lessons, and evening online workshops for a total of 2 hours weekly over the course of 6 weeks. Course dates Thursday 16th March to Thursday 20th April 2023. You are encouraged to work independently for an additional 4 hours per week. Time commitment to complete this course is 36 hours.

Continuous self-assessment and co-assessment will take place through a course progress page and consultation hours with the training facilitators.

Participants will receive a Certificate upon successful completion of the required exercises of this CPD course. Full attendance record is required.

Requirements: Participants are expected to have basic computer skills and access to a computer with camera and a microphone. It is not necessary to have previous experience in intercultural communication or foreign-language skills.


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Start date

Thursday 16th March 2023

End date

Thursday 20th April 2023

Registration closing date

Friday March 3rd 2023

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